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July 24, 2012

Cameraholic Digest (DSLR edition): 1D X vs D4 comps, K30, T4i/650D, Ax7, etc

Mirror fans unite and take over! Time now for Part II of today's Cameraholic Digest trilogy. This edition focuses on DSLRs. Part I posted a couple of hours ago focused on mirrorless cameras. Part III focuses on fixed lens cameras (and everything else)...

Canon vs Nikon duel
+ Canon 1D X vs Nikon D4 comparison at Xero Digital including a 19-minute video discussion of their findings (via Foto Actualidad) [embedded right below]

+ K30 performance results at Imaging Performance Resource
+ K30 real-world samples gallery at dpreview
+ spec-sheet comparison: K-5 vs K-30 vs K-01 at Rice K-High
+ more reviews: K30 and all K-mount cameras

+ Digital Rebel Kiss X6i, aka 650D aka T4i review at Photo Review and user review at
+ 5DMk3 test gallery updated at Outback Photo
+ 5DMk3 vs 5DMk2 1-scene ISO comparison at TPBG
+ 5DMk3 with Joel Santos in Peru at CPN Europe (this is a Canon website, so consider this technical marketing)
+ more reviews: T4i/650D and 5DMk3 and all Canon EF mount cameras
+ stock status pages: 5D Mark III

+ D800e studio editorial 100% crops at Mike Kobal
+ D800/D800e tested with 74 lenses publication available for 17 euro - via Le Monde de la Objectifs
+ D800 sharpness::diffraction at Luminescent Photo
+ D800 fake battery grips tested at F/Stoppers
+ near-destroyed D7000 has been Nikon-fixed at Nothing Matters (for our sensitive audience members, one of the pictures has someone flipping the bird)
+ D7000 hidden (in the manual) focus control button via DIYP
+ DSLR Cougar inspirations: D2h at Ming Thein, part #1 and part #2
+ DSLR Cougar inspirations: D200 at Ming Thein, part #1
+ more reviews: D4 and D800 and D800e and all Nikon F-mount chimeras
+ stock status pages: D4 and D800/D800eee

+ Alpha A57 opinion at Fotopolis (computer-translated)
+ Alpha A57 hands on at Steve Huff
+ Alpha A37 review at
+ Alpha A37 test results at
+ Alpha A37 opinion and samples at Fotopolis
+ more reviews: A57 and A37 and all Sony Minolta Alpha Dyxum Maxxum Plaxxum cameras

+ another SD1*.* firmware update via Photography Blog
+ reviews: all Sigma mount cameras

+ a weekend with the S2 MFD at ThePhoblographer

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