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July 07, 2012

Blog Infrastructure Update and Bug Fix Day

One of the many side-effects of the Flood The Market With More Cameras strategy is that we are frequently thrashing just to keep up with the madness, and we have less and less time for infrastructure updates and more in-depth action. Pre-market-flood we had the luxury of things like a snapshot of every single available digital camera (as of November 2007). But fear not! Operation "Reclaim Time" is under way - we are slowly but steadily reclaiming control, with the Canon Independent Voters post being the first small victory.

Today we have a second small victory - bug fixes and infrastructure updates on the blog! The fixes and updates that directly impact you as a reader are listed below. Today is only the tip of the iceberg, there's a lot more work than needs to be done.

Infrastructure Updates and Bug Fixes
+ fixed the displaying of review links at the Camera Reviews mini-site categories and tab pages. Now when you look at manufacturer or camera model or camera type pages, you see the review-links in the pages. An earlier template update overwrote our customization, so you only saw the text of the post (excerpt, but most are very short posts, so excerpt = full post without the links). This has been fixed! (reload/CTRL-F5 if you don't see it). Here are some working examples: all Fuji camera reviews and reviews of all cameras with APS-C sensors and all Sony RX100 reviews. All apologies for the inconvenience! If you see this bug happen again, please let us know ASAP!

+ updated the Camera Boxes (by manufacturer). You can find this sprawl in the middle of the right sidebar. Here is a screenshot crop of part of that area in a .PNG file, so you'll know what to look for. Among the updates: added newer models and removed older models. Created a new M43rds/43rds section. The order of the manufacturers has been adjusted to reflect recent changes (Fuji's rise, Pentax and Ricoh M&Aing, etc). Some cameras are caught in-between our previous and current review-lists, so they don't have review lists. Also, because we switched to the Cameraholic Digest format, the per-camera news tags are not as populous. The average Cameraholic Digest features dozens of cameras per installment, and creating a mega tag-list every time is the definition of overkill. It would be shorter to list the cameras not mentioned :) More improvements will happen to these later on, but those depend on a few other infrastructure updates that can't happen today

+ we ended the Viglink/Skimlinks Javascript-based auto-affiliate experiments on all blogs except for the tiny Noisy Mall. We will instead create individual links instead of having those services automatically rewrite every single link on the blogs. More work on our end but at least it brings us closer to "internet purity" :)

Bugs? Problems? Let us know!
Speaking of which, if there are any bugs or issues or problems you would like to see fixed, please let us know using online contact form or the Twitter or leave a comment below. We love corrections!

Known Issues that won't be fixed today
+ the Twitter Following of Followers is very behind. The email folder with the notifications is in the thousands. This is a hunt and peck operation since a large number of them are bots that rely on the auto-follow strategy, which is why we don't do auto-follows
+ the Professional Photographers List is also very behind. This is also a hunt and peck operation, but not as daunting as the Twitter follow-the-followers operation
+ The Lens Reviews mini-site is out of tags/categories. Newer lenses don't currently have tags with their names.
+ and many mo(i)re

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