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July 23, 2012

24 hours later: Canon Mirrorless launch Episode II

Last night we had the official Canon EOS mirrorless system launch. Now it is time to catch up with what has happened since we finalized last night's post! If you are just now reading about the Canon mirrorless system launch, start with last night's post, and then read this one. UPDATE: We have a 3rd round-up, 48 hours later.

You can see all the available system components, including the EOS M w/22mm f2, lenses, flash, battery, and even lens caps at the Canon Mirrorless System page at Amazon. If you find this blog useful, please consider making some of your pre-orders/orders through here using our Amazon et al affiliate links! You are our main source of funding! Thanks!

New Previews and Hands-on Reports
+ detailed hands-on at Quesabesde (computer-translated)
+ detailed hands-on report at Pocket Lint
+ Singapore launch event preview at CNet Asia
+ text-based and video preview at Amateur Photographer UK
+ hands-on text and 2-minute video at What Digital Camera?
+ preview at CNet UK
+ text and video hands-on at The Verge
+ text and video hands-on at The Engadget

Japanese Market
+ launch event with lots of camera body pictures and presentation slides (cannot be computer-translated) at DC Watch Impress (computer-translated)
+ flash body pictures at DC Watch Impress (computer-translated)

Opinions and Armchair Quarterbacking
+ double opinion at Sans Mirror: Welcome Canon and annie talk
+ opinion on Canon Japan samples at Pocket Lint
+ Philip Bloom
+ which one of the mirrorless systems (including the EOS M) is best for me? At Pocket Lint
+ The Digital Story
+ dpnow

Specs and Such
+ CPN Europe

Forum Reactions
+ will be posted in a separate post later this week - on a time and sanity permitting basis

Videos (YouTube)
+ videos embedded below are hands-on at Tech Radar and dpreview (shutter sound) and Canon Malaysia launch and DDay.It and FotoTV Plus and Beste Product and 90-second Canon Europe commercial
+ please note we will not include videos where random YouTube people rip off unauthorized videos/streams from other websites (eg The Verge) and post them on their own YouTube channels (assuming we can figure it out)
+ videos after the break

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