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June 07, 2012

Sony RX100 and Canon 1D X get Stock Status pages (also: new Modular feature and Realignment)

We have a number of updates on the Stock Status pages! We have just launched two new stock status pages to track Sony RX100 pre-orders and Canon 1D X pre-orders. Considering that we had three completed RX100 reviews out of the gate, things look promising for the RX100. On the other hand, things are on the delay-and-wait, wait-and-delay cycle for the 1D X.

We also re-aligned the cameras list at the Stock Status page. A number of cameras that have been steadily in-stock and with unchanging prices have moved from the Frequently-Updated to the Infrequently-Updated. These include the Fuji X-Pro1, X100, Canon G1x, S100, Nikon D7000, Pentax K-01, Sony NEX-7, and A77/A65. These are market-driven decisions. If the market conditions change, the cameras will move to the Frequently Updated list. A good example of that is the Nikon D700.

You Keep These Alive!
We keep forgetting to stress this, but please note that maintaining the various Stock Status and Pre-Orders pages is a time-consuming and ephemeral type of work. Think of it as butler service. If you find them useful/helpful/etc, make sure you make some of your purchases through the Stock Status pages. This sends us a signal that you find this feature useful and want it to continue!

New Experimental Feature: Modular Stock Status page for the Sony RX100
And now to the new feature! We are experimenting with Phase II of the next generation stock status pages. The guinea pig for this test is the Sony RX100 pre-orders page. It may look similar to the other pages, but it uses the magic of Javascript to allow us to embed the stock status table to any of the Noisy Blogs. We can update the source, and all the individual instances of the table will be updated automagically. Here is an example below...

This is an experimental new feature, currently only for the Sony RX100. If you experience any problems or issues or have any feedback, please leave a comment or use the online contact form.

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