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June 04, 2012

Reality TV meets Photo Rights: The People's Court

The middle of the three stories in today's edition of the syndicated 60-minute reality TV show The People's Court featured a case of republication of an image without permission. This was further complicated because of a prior agreement of sorts. I accidentally caught the end of this while multitasking, so I don't have more details on the case. It aired on June-4-2012, case number 21-529 with the title "Publishing Without Permission", show number R/PC-15001. It doesn't look like the episode is available for online viewing, so check your local listings for reruns or On-Demand if it is offered in that fashion. The show's website has the episode schedule and syndication/stations. Syndicated TV shows are like the D-League, they don't have modern day digital luxuries.

Anything that helps educate the general population on matters of intellectual property is usually a good thing. Until we move to a digital economy where almost everyone is a creator, in which case, a lot more people will become a lot more sensitive to other people's intellectual property - and start seeing it more like the way they look at other people's personal/physical property today. Or something like that.

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