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June 26, 2012

Pixel-peeping: Sony RX100 ISO-range and f-range samples at Optyczne

Quick, grab your pixel-peeping glasses and turn on the good monitor! has just published Sony RX100 samples. These are full size JPEGs, two ISO-range series (up to 6400) of two different studio test scenes. The second series also includes a couple of f-stop range tests, ranging from f1.8 to f8. The EXIF data is in English, but, here is also the computer-translation.

UPDATE: They now posted the samples on their english-speaking sister site as well,, where it says that they plan to post outdoor samples next.

Availability-wise, the RX100 is currently in a state of pre-orders, at its starting price of $650. The estimates there by three different retailers point to a mid-July 2012 release date, but as always, please note, estimates are only estimates, and they do change over time!

Meanwhile, the announcement of the RX100 seems to be having an impact on the prices of other competing cameras. Or may be it was pure coincidence. In recent days, both the Canon G1x and the Fuji X10 ORB dropped $50.

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