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June 26, 2012

Photography Podcast fans: new Apple Podcast app is out

If you love listening to the vast variety of photography podcasts out there, and you have Apple i-Devices, Apple has released today their own Podcasts App (iTunes) for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. It is free. Since this is day #1 of the release, expect some bugs and jitters until it gets sorted out.

If you don't already have a favorite podcasting app, this can get you started. If you are not familiar with photography podcasts, search for "photography" or "camera" or "DSLR" or other related keyword. If you haven't listened to them already, there are some interesting "Serious Compacts" podcast episodes there as well, covering many of the cameras our regular readers are interested in.

The app does the basic things. Subscribe, stream (no fancy playback options), download-and-play with multiple options for audio playback speed, along with Skip-30-seconds-Forward and Jump-10-seconds-Back buttons. All importantly, for Library/downloaded podcasts, it remembers where you left off in the various podcasts you are listening. Next time, it picks up from where it left off.

The app covers both audio podcasts and video podcasts. Video podcasts have the universal iTunes movie logo, you can easily tell them apart.

One quick tip: when you start playback, you can bring the playback options quickly by touching the podcast picture that takes up most of the screen space on the non-iPad devices.

One quick tip for podcasters: No one uses "togs" in the search for photography purposes, so if you have a podcast and want to appeal to Twitter-speaking photographers, you may want to put the word "togs" somewhere in the podcast title/description.

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