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June 10, 2012

Opinion Soup: mixed market, RX100, mirrorless, b&w, careers, lo-fi, G+, etc

Time for a new edition of the Opinion Soup, a round-up of opinions on a variety of photography-related topics from the photo-blogo-sphere. If you missed previous editions (or if you want to check future editions if you are reading this at a later date), check the Opinion Soup archives... A number of posts below may belong to multiple sections - we have to pick one section for each post.

+ Mixed Market: dumbed down DSLRs, spec-ed up compacts at Photoclub Alpha
+ rant about incomplete mirrorless systems at Lightning Rumours
+ Sony RX100 - YES! - at Serious Compacts
+ Sony RX100 - Too Little Too Late? at Photographic Central
+ the only wide angle lens you'll ever need at Digital Pro Talk
+ new Canon 40mm pancake - a threat to Pentax? at PentaxForums News blog
+ Sony PR opines on the benefits of 4K video at Engadget (via Peta)
+ does anyone remember Super 8 film at Visual Science Lab

Social Media
+ 2,000 photographers on Google+ assembled by Thomas Hawk

Careers + Business
+ photography jobs grow on trees by Steve Giralt at PetaPixel
+ making the shift from amateur to professional panel discussion at The Digital Show (formerly Australian PMA) at CNet Australia (8-min video)
+ what does limited edition really mean at PDN Online
+ pricing and negotiating at A Photo Editor
+ most tasteless copyright infringement ever? at PDN Pulse

DIY + .edu
+ flash ethics at
+ trick to determine your dominant eye on reddit (Element K) [corrected link] (via DIYP)
+ on backups at Pixelated Image
+ the making of the Stirling Ranges by Peter Eastway at Luminous
+ black and white workflow of Ming Thein (8 minute video)
+ how $1 can give you peace of mind at Revell Photography

Creativity, Inspiration, Etc
+ the rise of lo-fi photography panel discussion at The Digital Show (formerly Australian PMA) at CNet Australia (7-min video)
+ portraits are short stories about the person in front of your camera at Visual Science Lab
+ how serious do you want to get at Ming Thein
+ on perspectives at Roving Photographer
+ the life of an Artist/Artisan/Photographer at TOP Open Mike
+ give yourself an honest portfolio review at Improve Photography
+ why gear doesn't worry me anymore when shooting street photography at Erik Kim

At the Improv
+ Vertical Video Syndrome PSA at B-Roll forum

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