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June 30, 2012

Opinion Soup: Mirrorless (vs DSLR), camera lifespan, UK market, exhibitions, summer reading, creativity, biz, etc

If it's Sunday somewhere, it's time for a new edition of the Opinion Soup! If you missed any of the previous editions, you can find them waiting for you in the Opinion Soup dungeon. No dragons guarding them ;-)

+ can a mirrorless camera replace at DSLR? at Steve Huff
+ sad state of the UK digital camera market at Sans Miroir
+ on digital camera life span at Ming Thein
+ could there be a better time to buy used camera gear and lenses at Visual Science Lab
+ where is Canon's mirrorless camera? at Canon Blogger
+ favorite film camera by Rob Nunn
+ feature requests for Blackmagic camera at EOS HD
+ on Sharpness at Mansurovs
+ Gear vs Story at Wide Open Camera
+ how do new phones and tablets affect the photography business (podcast) at Camera DoJo
+ life after the personal computer by Cringely

DIY + Hacks + .edu
+ how to measure temporal noise in the dark part #1 and part #2 at Harvest Imaging (via ISW)
+ how to photograph steam at Learn My Shot (via IR)
+ how to photograph smoke at Photigy
+ how to simulate looking through a DSLR viewfinder at PetaPixel
+ summer reading suggestions (photography related) at Dodge and Burn

Post Processing
+ workflow with HP Elite workstation at Hurlbut Visuals

Creativity, Inspiration, Intangibles
+ when you can no longer call yourself "a Photographer" by Visual Science Lab
+ five tips for a successful photo exhibition at PetaPixel
+ creating meaningful photographs by Alain Briot at Luminous
+ the best photography course I ever took by Petapixel
+ Neil Gaiman inspirational commencement speech at the University of the Arts via Pixiq
+ Term Limits at Leica blog
+ reflections on classic Henri Cartier-Bresson PBS interview with Charlie Rose at Imaging Resource [insert joke about Charlie Rose now getting pasted and plastered with bad make up for network TV in sharp contrast to the stark oak table]

Professional & Business
+ the back side of model releases at DIY Photography
+ mistakes professional still photographers make when moving to video at Journeys of a Hybrid (via APE)
+ what else can I do for my clients? at Petapixel
+ Is the Age of the Professional Photographer Over? - rerun at Visual Science Labs
+ protesting Stone Roses photography concert rules at Pixiq (apparently, they really wanna be adored!)

Sharing and Socialist media
+ how to win photography competitions at Pixiq
+ we all make social media mistakes (podcast) at New Media Photographer
+ fifteen Wordpress themes for video blogs at Canon 5D Tips
+ on App Store reviews - from the receiving end at Matt Gemmell (via Techmeme)

A Day at the Improv
+ 78 photography rules for complete idiots at (via F/S)
+ Scentography at Photojojo
+ Infographics are broken at Erick Schonfield

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