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June 02, 2012

Opinion Soup: Future of Cameras theme continues, Gear Lenses, Pinterest, Fashion, etc

Sunday is a day of reflection, editorials, opinions and shouting, so it is a good time for a new edition of the Opinion Soup... A number of posts may fit in multiple sections below, but we pick exactly one section for each post.

+ future of cameras theme continues from last week
+ Will the DSLR die? Will Small Cameras Rule the World at Visual Science Lab
+ on the future of DSLRs and the camera market at Qlakk
+ death of point and shoot cameras? at iPhotoCourse
+ what camera gear needs a Kickstarter campaign? at Cinescopophilia

Gear - brand specific
+ why Leica rules by George Sutton at Steve Huff Post
+ opinion on the Olympus E-M5 by Jonathan Hrovath (via
+ opinion on Sony situation at Sony Alpha Lab

Gear - Lens related
+ seven reasons why your kit zoom is not complete crap by Illya Reddy at Steve Huff Post
+ on 50mm lenses (revisited from 2009) at Visual Science Lab
+ when is an ultra-zoom better than a DSLR? at Neo Camera
+ stop using filters by National Geographic Director of Photography (via r3dd1t, Petapixel)

+ on Henry's of Canada allegedly firing their top photography teacher because someone complained about seeing a nude picture on the photographer's personal (unrelated to Henry's) website at Peter West Photo (via Speedlighter)
+ quickly, fire everyone, most of them are nude under their clothes

DIY + .edu
+ how and why to keep a location catalog by Strobist GPS
+ how to convert a shoulder pod for digital cameras at DIY Photography
+ on learning from past photographers at LensWork Daily (via APE)
+ be careful when taking pictures of the sun at Pop Photo

Creativity, Inspiration, Etc
+ differences in perception of fashion between Los Angeles and other Fashion Capitals (from a fashion photography perspective) part #1 by Benjamin Kanarek
+ Creating Meaningful Photographs by Alain Briot at Luminous Landscape
+ Dynamic Patience by Bors Vesterby at Luminous Landscape
+ Pros, Please Be Kind, Episode #3 by Rick Sammon
+ on street photography by David Hurn at Eric Kim
+ seat of the pants shooting at Lightning Essentials

+ is Pinterest a Yes or No for photography professionals at Rising BlackStar (video)
+ why Pinterest is important for photographers at Photocrati with Pinterest infographic at Mashable (via Scott Wyden)

+ reflections on the Photoshop CS6 Beta from an Adobe Engineer at the Adobe blog
+ Final Cut Pro X for news shooters? at DSLR News Shooters

A Minute at the Improv
+ camera snobbery on HBO's new Veep TV show - via PetaPixel VP

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