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June 23, 2012

Opinion Soup: E-M5, Drobo, mirrorless sun, Confessions of a sin, How to Sell Images, etc

A new edition of the Opinion Soup has arrived! For past, present, and future editions, check the Opinion Soup archives... This turned out to be super-mega-giant-long edition, maybe because it has two weeks worth of opinions instead of one. A total of SIXTY different posts are linked below, loosely organized in many different categories! See them all after the jump...

Gear - Cameras
+ why I sold everything for the Olympus E-M5 at ThePhoBlographer
+ Panasonic GH3 product suggestions at EOS HD
+ on the E-M5 by James S. at Sound Image Plus
+ don't get rid of the Nikon D70s (model name, not plural) at Nothing Matters
+ will upcoming E-PL5/E-PM2 cameras get the previous generation sensors or the latest one? at mu-43 forums
+ Leica M5 pros and cons at
+ why I am no longer a Canon APS-C user (video priority) at EOS HD

Gear - in General
+ I am done with Drobo by Scott Kelby
+ an off-beat apology of small sensors at Qllakk
+ the Rashomon Effect and my small camera choice by LensRentals dude at Imaging Resource
+ future of photography by Lytro founder (17 minute TED talk) via Lightfield Forum
+ Controls suck at Qlakk
+ Can the sun damage mirrorless cameras? at Pixiqi
+ why I won't be taking the MacBook Pro Retina traveling with me - yet at Diggloyd (free to read)
+ product variability, part #1 by Ctein on TOP
+ on Microsoft Surface at Cameratown
+ is 2/3" also dying? fast track to S35 digital cinema at Wide Open Camera
+ should touchscreens come to all HD-DSLRs? at Planet 5D
+ why megapixels don't matter at F/Stoppers
+ why new gear is not always better at ThePhoblographer

Opinion Disasters
+ a street photographer tries to give war photography advice and tips at Eric Kim

Software and Post Processing
+ thinking about upgrading your camera? upgrade your software! by stratokaster at mu-43
+ time travel and ethical photo journalism by Trent Nelson at Peta Pixel
+ thoughts on reprocessing and revisiting at Ming Thein
+ Digital Photo Outback shares their latest iteration of their workflow (June 2012 edition)

Creativity, Inspirational, Etc
+ "How I ruined my career" - confessions of a photographer caught stealing other people's work at POTSC (via Pixiq)
+ finding your voice (portrait photography) interview with Kurt Markus at APE
+ Seal on his photography at Leica's blog
+ 10 steps to becoming mega-successful in video production by Philip Bloom
+ Navigating the new media landscape (video discussion) via ARC blog
+ In Defense of Depth by John Kennerdell at TOP
+ validation is for parking, not street photography at Eric Kim
+ setting goals by Steve Giralt at Peta Pixel
+ how to photograph strangers (11 minute video) by hotbreadz (YouTube) (via PetaPixel)
+ on the value of having a muse by Ming Thein

DIY, Tips and Tricks
+ Care and Feeding of your Tripod at Lens Rentals
+ setting up white balance at Canon 5D Tips
+ backup strategery at Nothing Special
+ DIY hack laptop bag strap with your camera via Peta Pixel
+ five favorite iPad apps at The Digital Story
+ photography book ideas by Visual Science Lab

Photo Sharing and Social Media
+ 25 talented street photographers you should know on flickr by Erik Kim
+ will you pay to promote on Facebook? Podcast by Rosh Sillars
+ pinterest marketing at tofurious

+ 2-hour Google+ Hangout on How to Sell Images (YouTube/Pixiq)
+ the future of editorial photography is sponsored at A Photo Editor
+ What can a private art dealer do for you? at PDN
+ Where's the Biz? at Photo Resource Hub
+ earning a living as a photographer at Photo Business Forum
+ on child-birth photography at New York Baby Times
+ 11 reasons why you should consider an app by Rick Salmon
+ customer service - it will make or break your business at Photo Resource Hub
+ working with models - the booking process at Roving Photographer

+ on photographing kids at Speedlighter
+ Copyright infringement, episode #4 at Pixiq
+ On filming police at Videomaker (via

+ why is the item I ordered from Adorama not in-stock? by Adorama Customer Service Ambassador

Quick Hitters
+ Manufacturers, stop ending your camera names with "s" by Many People
+ on rumors improving your photography by @popphoto

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