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June 18, 2012

Microsoft reveals Surface Windows 8 tablets with front and back cameras (no camera details yet)

It is iPad vs Android for many, but Microsoft has just announced their own Surface-branded Windows 8 10.6-inch tablets. They will have a front-facing and a back-facing camera. The built-in kickstand will provide a 22-degree angle for the front camera when used. Available details on the device so far and live-bloggings from the event can be found through Techmeme.

I haven't yet found any detailed specs on the cameras. On the memory card front, the ARM (Windows RT) version will take microSD cards, while the Intel version (Windows 8 Pro) will be more advanced with a microSDXC slot, along with USB 3.0 and Mini Display Port. Of data-muling interest while shooting out and about.

This post will be updated if/when more details on the cameras emerge...

UPDATE (6/20/12 at 11:40pm ET): Microsoft Watcher Mary Jo Foley writes on her ZNet blog that both cameras are LifeCams, which is a Microsoft brand name for their webcam hardware line. Microsoft is further invested in video with their recent purchase of Skype... Still not found more details on the cams, but at the same time, at the moment, I am not brave enough to go through 500+ blog-posts on all these :)

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