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June 2012 (105 posts)

June 30: Opinion Soup: Mirrorless (vs DSLR), camera lifespan, UK market, exhibitions, summer reading, creativity, biz, etc
June 30: Cameraholic Digest: E-M5, 75/1.8, Pana 12-35, D800 RAW, A37, Pixma 1, etc
June 30: Newsbytes: Canon S100 lens problems, Hasselblad, WB100, Tiffen, Lytro, Nauticam E-M5, etc
June 28: Sigma prices DP2 Merrill Big-Sensor-Prime at $1000
June 28: Cameraholic Digest: RX100, XPro1, 5DMk3, V1, FS700, etc
June 28: Lensaholica: Canon stabilized wide primes analyzed, Olympus 75/1.8 reviewed
June 28: New Tumblr blog exposes Photo Stealers
June 28: In-stock alert Party: Nikon 24-85, unlocked iPhone 4s [Gone: E-M5, D4]
June 28: Impact review: Fuji X-Pro1 at dpreview
June 28: Innovative Deal: Nikon V1 together with latest iPad for $1150 [updated]
June 27: Canon announces major 7D firmware update
June 27: Pogue pogues the Sony RX100!
June 27: Cameraholic Digest: 1D X, RX100, NX20, D4, A37, X-Pro1, X100 charger hack, etc
June 26: Photography Podcast fans: new Apple Podcast app is out
June 26: Sony blog leaks upcoming Sony action camera w/Zeiss lens [updated]
June 26: New Polaroid Z2300 hipstery P&S digital camera w/built-in Zink printer
June 26: Pixel-peeping: Sony RX100 ISO-range and f-range samples at Optyczne
June 26: Sandisk Memory Card Specials: Extreme [updated again]
June 26: (DEAD) The Return Of The Price Errors: Nikon D800 for $2050
June 26: Curiosity factor: 41mp Nokia PureView 808 review
June 25: Lightroom 4 is now included with the Creative Cloud
June 25: Picture still worth 1K words: Miami Heat co-owner sues blogger over unflattering photo
June 25: Fuji reveals X-system lens roadmap for 2012 and 2013: 4 primes, 3 zooms
June 25: Fuji X10s with ORB-fixed sensor making the rounds (with samples)
June 25: Rumors: Canon Mirrorless system launching July 24?
June 25: Canon 24mm and 28mm f2.8 IS have June 27 USA release estimates (shipping to dealers in Europe)
June 24: Curiosity factor: Olympus 75mm f1.8 full-size JPEG and RAW samples
June 23: Opinion Soup: E-M5, Drobo, mirrorless sun, Confessions of a sin, How to Sell Images, etc
June 23: Curiosity factor: Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 real-world samples
June 23: Cameraholic Digest: D800, E-M5, RX100, NX20, K30, X-Pro1, HS30exr, TG1, 1DX vs 5DMk3 video, etc
June 23: Schneider interview-style press-release on new M43rds lenses
June 22: Stock Updates: IN (T4i, 5DMk3, D700), IN w/premium (E-M5, 1D X) & OUT (D4, D800s, RX100)
June 22: Sony to invest 80 billion yen in CMOS imaging sensor production capacity [corrected]
June 22: Bachelorette update: Olympus to receive 50 billion yen from Sony? [corrected]
June 22: (ENDED) Panasonic GF3 black w/14-42 X PZ for $460
June 21: Nikon D800E is the new #1 at DxoMark
June 21: Curiosity factor: Sony RX100 reviewed at Pocket Lint
June 21: Now shipping: Canon 40mm f2.4 pancake for $200
June 21: (ENDED) Daily Deal: 1 year of Outdoor Photographer for $4.44
June 20: Cameraholic Digest: Smartphones vs E-PL2, NX20, E-M5, D800, D3200, T4i/650D RAW test samples, etc
June 19: Cameraholic Digest: X2 vs X100 Duel, NX20, E-M5, K-01, A37 samples, goodbye Jacobs, etc
June 19: New Products: Sandisk Extreme Pro microSDHC, Wacom Bamboo Splash, Canon's Mixed Reality (also: 41mp PureView to US)
June 19: Cameraholic Digest: Digital Video edition: Zacuto Great Shootout returns, E-M5 video, etc
June 19: Cameraholic Digest: Canon Digital Rebel T4i aka 650D edition
June 19: Cameraholic Digest: DSLR edition: 5DMk3 madness, GX680, comparisons, 5D w/Pentax APS-C lenses, etc
June 19: Cameraholic Digest: Mirrorless edition: E-M5, XPro1, K-01, GF5, comparisons, etc
June 18: Cameraholic Digest: X2, RX100, X10, X-S1 ORB hunting, TG1, 3D1, R3000, etc
June 18: Microsoft reveals Surface Windows 8 tablets with front and back cameras (no camera details yet)
June 18: Updated: Completed Camera & Lens review pages (incl. Canon 40mm pancake)
June 18: DSLR mini-panic: Apple interchangeable system of sorts for iPhone [patent application; updated]
June 18: Rumors: Canon 14-24mm f2.8 within a year
June 18: New Superzoom Announcement: Samsung WB100 (26x, 16mp, AA power)
June 18: Rangerfinder Fantasies: Digital version of the Hasselblad X-Pan, Fuji X-style
June 18: In development: Schneider 30mm f1.4 and 60mm f2.4 macro lenses (M43rds)
June 18: Impact review: Olympus E-M5 at Imaging Resource
June 17: Now shipping: Olympus E-M5 black w/12-50 for $1300
June 15: New Lens Announcement: Sigma 18-250mm Macro with TSC material (more compact, 25% lighter)
June 14: Now Shipping: Canon D-Rebel T4i (body only and w/18-55 kits)
June 14: Rumors: Pentax to make most compact 35mm full frame DSLR?
June 14: Leakage? Nikon D600 spy photos from Thailand factory?
June 14: New Lens Announcements: Nikon 24-85mm f3.5-4.6 VR (FX) & 18-300mm VR (DX)
June 14: Canon USA says 1D X coming out in mid-June
June 14: New Lens Announcement: Schneider enters Autofocus mirrorless system market with new 14mm f2 (M43rds)
June 13: Cameraholic Digest: D4, D800, NEX-F3, K-01, X10, Superzoom Group Test, E-M5 eats pancakes, etc
June 13: Rumors: new Nikon 24-85mm VR (FX) and 18-300 VR (DX) lenses
June 13: Rumors: new Sigma 18-250mm OS with Macro capability
June 13: Rumors: four more Canon DSLRs/iLCs this year?
June 13: Rumors: Nikon D400 detailed specifications (24mp APS-C, 8fps, $1800, etc)
June 13: In-Stock Alert (Olympus TG-1 iHS, new MacBook Pros) [ended: Daily Deal]
June 12: Canon D-Rebel T4i gets June 19 release estimate
June 12: Reading is Fundamental: Canon posts 420-page 1D X user manual and 48-page Autofocus guide
June 12: (SOLD OUT) In-stock again: Nikon 28mm f1.8G for $700
June 11: Olympus CEO: future Four Thirds product(s) as well
June 11: Cameraholic Digest: RX100 samples, E-M5, D4, D800E, 5DMk3, GF5, K-01, XS1, HS30exr, X2 vs X100, 7D firmware leak, etc
June 11: Kodak files paperwork to auction 1,100+ imaging patents
June 11: dpreview compares Nikon D800 to Nikon D800e
June 11: Pogue Camera: it was the Sony RX100
June 11: New Lens Announcement: Samyang 8mm f2.8 fisheye for NEX and NX
June 11: Curiosity factor: First English-speaking Nikon D800E review
June 10: Kodak woes: interest in patents not so hot (no early bidder)
June 10: Opinion Soup: mixed market, RX100, mirrorless, b&w, careers, lo-fi, G+, etc
June 10: Nikon betrays Women, cancels sensitive WW2 sex slaves exhibit
June 10: ...and they have a Plan: Olympus will focus on mirrorless, high-end compacts, job cuts
June 8: Pogue of NY Times teases "small camera with astonishing results" [updated]
June 8: (ENDED) Daily Deals: Sandisk Extreme CF/SDHC/SSD and Lightning
June 7: New Canon 40mm f2.8 pancake and 18-135mm STM lenses
June 7: New DSLR: Canon Digital Rebel T4i (aka 650D)
June 7: Sony RX100 and Canon 1D X get Stock Status pages (also: new Modular feature and Realignment)
June 7: Cameraholic Digest: more RX100, A57, D3200, GX1, E-M5, M Mono, XPro1, waterproof group test, etc
June 7: Olympus soap opera: Panasonic says no plan to invest in Olympus
June 7: Leakage: Canon D-Rebel T4i/650D/KissX6 and 40mm f2.8 pancake
June 6: Dxomark double feature: Nikon D3200 and Sony Alpha A57
June 5: New camera announcement: Sony RX100 1-inch compact with RAW (with previews already!)
June 5: (NOT!) Panasonic to the rescue, will invest up to $630 million USD in Olympus
June 5: Cameraholic Digest: d3200, e-m5, v1, 5dmk3, nx20, iq180, gf5, comparisons, etc
June 5: PMA 2013 stays at CES (January 8-11 in Las Vegas)
June 5: Frenemies: Sony sensor in new Samsung Galaxy III uberphone
June 5: Stock Updates: IN (5DMk3, D3200, D700) & OUT (D4, D800s, E-M5)
June 5: Picture #43,000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
June 4: Reality TV meets Photo Rights: The People's Court
June 4: New Digital Rebel rumored for June 8 (also: 70D and 3D rumored)
June 4: Leakage: Sony RX100, a 1-inch compact with RAW starting at f1.8
June 2: Opinion Soup: Future of Cameras theme continues, Gear Lenses, Pinterest, Fashion, etc
June 1: Cameraholic Digest: many comparisons, X-Pro1, NEX-F3, etc
June 1: Deal Digest: Panasonic M43 lenses, free Snapseed, etc [updated]


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