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June 11, 2012

Cameraholic Digest: RX100 samples, E-M5, D4, D800E, 5DMk3, GF5, K-01, XS1, HS30exr, X2 vs X100, 7D firmware leak, etc

We keep falling behind, we need Doctor Who to sort out our timelines! Time for a new edition of the Cameraholic Digest. Look under your chairs, a free sonic screwdriver for everyone! ;-)... Completed lens reviews can be found at the Lens Reviews stream, including new reviews of the Sony and Pentax 18-135s, Fuji 18/2, Panasonica 14-42 PZ X, etc... Completed camera reviews of non-boring cameras at the Camera Reviews stream...Stock updates on hard to find cameras at the Stock Status mini-site (now added the Sony RX100 and Canon 1D X and T4i/650D).

+ E-M5 report at Luminous Landscape including the Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 Experience
+ more E-M5: completed reviews and stock status page

+ RX100 full-size samples (JPEG) at
+ RX100 Japanese launch event at DC Watch (computer-translated)
+ Alpha A57 review at Photo Review
+ NEX-5n w/50mm f1.8 OSS samples at SonyAlphaLabs
+ completed reviews: Alpha A57 and NEX-5n and RX100
+ price updates: both Alpha A57 kits dropped $50 at authorized retailers along with Alpha A77 & A65 kits dropping $50

+ D800 vs D800e comparison added to the dpreview D800 review (previously mentioned in stand-alone alert)
+ D800 review at Photography Blog (previously mentioned as stand-alone post)
+ D800 test results at
+ D4 review at (computer-translated)
+ completed reviews: D4 and D800 and D800e
+ availability updates: D4 and D800/D800e and D700 and D3200

+ Canon will start making digital cameras in Brazil (Amazonas) - via Imaging Insider et al
+ 7D Mark I (the original) will be getting feature updates and fixes revealed in firmware update leakage at Canon Rumors
+ 5DMk3 review at The Mansurovs
+ GP-E2 hands-on at DC Watch (computer-translated)
+ BG-E12 battery grip body pictures at Roland Lim
+ Ixus 510HS review at Cameras UK
+ D20 waterproof review at Steve's
+ more 5DMk3: completed reviews and stock status page

+ K-01 review at Photography Banzai
+ more K-01: completed reviews and stock status page

+ M Monochrome preview with ISO range samples at ePhotozine
+ a tale of two Leica X2 cameras at Steve Huff
+ X2 vs Fuji X100 at Steve Huff along with side by side
+ X2 Eveready case review at Steve Huff
+ completed reviews: X2 BSP (BSP = Big Sensor Prime)
+ in-stock alert: black X2 for $2000 at B&H Photo and 3rd-parties at Amazon

+ X100 vs Leica X2 at Steve Huff along with side by side
+ HS-30-EXR review at CNet
+ X-S1 on-going review started at Nothing Special (two parts so far)
+ X-Pro1 tested with 60/2.4 at
+ completed reviews: X-Pro1 and X-S1 and HS30exr

+ GF5 review at CNet UK
+ Lumix G event/celebration in Taiwan at DC Watch (computer-translated)
+ completed reviews: GF5

+ WB150F wifi superzoom review at DCR

Everything Else
+ hands-on with Hähnel Tuff TTL flash trigger at Lighting Rumors (five pages)
+ Dxo Filmpack 3 review at Thephotoblographer

Win Camera Gear Contests
+ win your choice of a Nikon D800 or Canon 5DMk3 at F/Stoppers by liking three different Facebook pages and entering your email address [corrected link]
+ this is an experimental segment

+ this edition is too long, the D-Rebel T4i and new Apple announcements will be covered separately tomorrow - Tuesday, I think ;-)

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