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June 19, 2012

Cameraholic Digest: DSLR edition: 5DMk3 madness, GX680, comparisons, 5D w/Pentax APS-C lenses, etc

This is the third-part of our Cameraholic Digest catch-up-a-thon! The first part covered fixed-lens cameras, the second part covered mirrorless cameras. And we are not done yet, there are two more (!) parts before we are done!... Completed lens reviews, as usual, can be found at the Lens Reviews stream...

+ GX680 MF film SLR revisited by Ken Kirkwood at Thews Reviews

Canon + Pentax Full Frame Zombies
+ Ricehigh DIYs Pentax APS-C lenses on Canon 5D with 1.4x Kenko converter

+ 5DMk3 autofocus points and 3rd-party lenses at Lens Rentals (technical article)
+ 5DMk3 without low-pass optical filter (DIY removal) verdict at EOS HD
+ 5DMk3 review at Digital Camera Review
+ 5DMk3 vs Nikon D800 vs Fuji X-Pro1 at Mansurovs (added to XPro1 review there)
+ 5DMk3 vs Olympus E-M5 at Photography Ramblings
+ 5DMk3 vs Sony FS700 vs F3 Low Light Battle at DSLR News Shooter
+ 7D, anatomy of the perfect focus at Foto Biz
+ 42 D-Rebel T2i/550D used in full body map scan shot by Infinite Realities (via Cinescopophilia)
+ 1D X with 500mm f4L IS II at Euro 2012 Football/Soccer at Canon 5D Tips (full resolution photos available in .rar file - link towards the bottom of aforelinked blog) [thumbnails on Facebook]
+ 1D X at Euro 2012 also by Carl Recine at Canon CPN Europe (via Galbraith)
+ more reviews: 5DMk3 (stream) and 7D and T2i/550D (1-page lists)

+ K30 autofocus and continuous shooting tests on video via Rice High

+ new 24-85mm sample pictures by Steve Simon (flickr) and hands-on post at Nikon's Flickr [via Galbraith]
+ D4 video quality = aweful at Diglloyd (free to read)
+ D800 at Le Monde de la Photo
+ D800 vs D800E at Focus Numerique
+ D800 vs Canon 5DMk3 vs Fuji X-Pro1 at Mansurovs (added to XPro1 review there)
+ more reviews: D4 and D800 and D800e
+ stock status pages: D4 and D800/D800e

+ Alpha A77 (and NEX-7) go to the theater at Alpha Numerique (computer-translated)
+ more on A77: reviews and stock status page

Other Gear
+ Commlite ComTrig G430 flash trigger review at Lightning Rumors
+ Vivitar 285HV manual flash at the/pho/blo/grapher
+ eMotimo TB3 Motion Control Pan & Tilt Head review at Cameratown

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