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June 13, 2012

Cameraholic Digest: D4, D800, NEX-F3, K-01, X10, Superzoom Group Test, E-M5 eats pancakes, etc

The rumors wave delayed today's edition of the Cameraholic Digest but delay no more! The new edition is here... Latest lens reviews are (as usual) posted at the Lens Reviews bakery (even more Fuji XF reviews), and the latest completed reviews of non-boring cameras can be found at the Camera Reviews bakery... Stock updates can be found at the Pre-Orders bakery... Comparisons get their own segment below - it helps make things less congested...

Comparisons and Group Tests
+ Compact-Travel-Zoom Superzoom Group Test Canon SX260-HS vs Fuji F770-EXR vs Panasonic TZ30/ZS20 vs Sony HX20v at Quesabesde (computer-translated)
+ 4-minute video comparison of Fuji X-Pro1 vs Sony NEX-7 vs Olympus E-M5 at

+ D4 review at Pop Photo
+ D4 vs D3s discussion at DCI
+ D800 review at PDN Online
+ D800E video performance discussion at EoS HD
+ more completed reviews: D4 and D800 and D800e
+ availability updates: D4 and D800/D800e

+ on shooting with the 1D X, interview with Clive Rose at Galbraith
+ D-Rebel T4i/650D updates are trapped in the "T4i Morning After" post, which is, as you can tell by the calendar, is delayed at the moment
+ availability updates: D-Rebel T4i and 1D X

+ Olympus confesses banding issue with E-M5 and Panasonic 20mm f1.7 pancake lens - via dpreview
+ on using lenses with adapters with the E-M5 by Stefan Schmidt at Steve Huff Post
+ Olympus advertisement review at F/Stoppers
+ more E-M5: completed reviews and availability updates

+ NEX-F3 review at Gizmodeaux
+ Alpha A77 review at Trusted Reviews
+ NEX-5n auto focus testing with LA-EA2 lens mount adapter for SLR lenses vs NEX E-mount lenses at Sony alpha Lab along with NEX-5n with 30/2.8 Sigma DN samples
+ Cybershot HX20v review at Tech Radar
+ more completed reviews: A77 and NEX-F3 and NEX-5n

+ K-01 review at Digital Kamera Infoz
+ Optio WG2 GPS elementproof review at Steve's Digicams
+ more completed reviews: K-01

+ X10 review at Steve's Internet Brands
+ @FujiGuys talks Fuji cameras at Henry's Show in Canada - via @FujiGuys (yes, Twitter can play videos too)
+ more X10: completed reviews and availability updates

+ X2 first impressions at ePhotozine X2
+ Leica planning more brick and mortar stores - via PetaPixel (Leica should thank Apple for the "beautiful" mania)

+ NX20 ISO-range color chart samples at ephotozine
+ Samsung is so sad, no one cares about their NX cameras, so they created a "clip show" blog-post with highlights from the press releases various websites posted on their new NX cameras announcements. [insert a why-you-no-like-NX internet meme GIF posted on a Tumblr blog]

Etc, Etc, Etc
+ Benro A1692TB0 tripod review at ephotozine
+ Topaz Labs Photoshop plug-in bundle review at ephotozine

+ Adorama Rentals hiring CSRs and Rental Agents

Win Camera Gear Contests
+ win a Lytro at F/Stoppers (must download app, take picture(s), post it through Twitter, write a Ph.D thesis, and fly to the Moon)

A Day at The Improv
+ Fuji X-Pro1 makes babies cry at Mansurovs

Reference Material
+ list of new cameras in 2012
+ 2012 Trade Show Calendar
+ completed lens reviews
+ completed camera reviews (serious/advanced/interesting cameras only)
+ latest Camera Deals, specials, promotions and in-stock alerts
+ dedicated mini-site for Pre-Orders and Stock-Status

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