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May 21, 2012

Samsung responds to Engadget: will not abandon P&S cameras

Now that today's crazy action has finally cooled off, it is time to tie up some loose ends! An earlier WSJ story suggested that Samsung was fleeing from P&S cameras, so a Samsung VP felt the need to do damage control comment on this at Engadget, pointing out that the company is not abandoning P&S cameras, they are just increasing production capacity for mirrorless cameras. He did however concede that the days of sub-$100 P&S cameras are numbered.

Some counter-argue that a smartphone costs a lot more than a $100 P&S camera, whether you have to buy the phone upfront (eg Europe) or sign up for a contract that costs a P&S camera per month and lasts longer than most celebrity weddings (eg USA). And that is true, however, if you take a look at an electronics or mobile store, nowadays, almost all cellphones, including many of the entry-level ones, have a camera of sorts. Granted, the camera module on a basic cellphone is not at the same level as that on the latest smartphone du jour. And $100 these days buys you a much better camera than it did 3-5 years ago, and with a 3X to 5X optical zoom (and even larger zoom ratio if buying previous year(s) models).

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