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May 25, 2012

Readers Flickr Pool looks different today (new flickr features)

If you visit the Readers Flickr Pool today [thanks to everyone for participating and sharing your work and life and adventures!], you may notice something different - it looks different! Fear not, we didn't mess it up, in fact we did nothing! So what happened?

Flickr introduced new features, headlined by the "Justified View". The new features are discussed at The NexT Web and by Thomas Hawk with more via Techmeme.

You can change which view you want as your default at the top right corner of the Flickr Pool page, click on View options.

Here are the available View Options for the flickr pool:

+ Justified: justified and never-ending scrolling as you page down
+ Large: one picture per row, great for breathing in individual pictures - also with never-ending scrolling
+ Medium: number of pictures changes depending on how wide your browser window is. It changes automatically if you resize the browser window. Navigation is the traditional flickr Previous/Next
+ Small: same as above, but with smaller, almost thumbnail size pictures. It changes automatically if you resize the browser window. Navigation is the traditional flickr Previous/Next
+ Square: this is the closest in format to the previous Flickr Pool look, but increased with a grid of 12x6 square pictures. This one does not change when you resize the browser. Navigation is the traditional flickr Previous/Next
+ when you revisit the Pool, Flickr appears to remember the most recently chosen View format
+ when you visit the Pool on a browser for the first time, the Justified View is the default one

It is an interesting, and perhaps an intentional decision, not to retain the previous View as it was. A redesign is more "effective" if you can't escape it, although that can irritate some people who were happy with the old design and don't care for the new changes.

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