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May 08, 2012

Pixel-peep this: 3mp Google Project Glass real-world picture (prototype)

This is turning out to be a very busy day. We now have something almost diametrically opposed to the just-posted Nikon D800 dp+review and the Cameraholic Digest.

Google's Project Glass has published a 3-megapixel real-world sample picture taken with prototype "Project Glass" glasses that take pictures. These are currently prototypes tested out in the wild by Googlers. The sample picture is by Google's Sebastian Thrun.

Discussion of this on the Google+ page for Project Glass. (via The Next Web, via Techmeme).

The full-size picture is 3-megapixels (2048 x 1536). If you are not familiar with Google+, here is how you can get to the full-size sample: Start at Sebastian's Google+ post, click on the picture, a lightbox of sorts appears, then look at the bottom left corner of the web page, click on the tiny "Options" link and select "Download full size".

A blog-size version of the picture is embedded below. Please do not evaluate the quality of the sample based on the blog embed below. Get the full size version from +Sebastian Thrun.


Photography is at the intersection of various developing technologies. It is almost like a reality show, "Digital Imaging Disrupt Idol", staring Instagram with Hipsters singing back-up vocals, Lytro and The Light Field Photography Experience, Google's Project Glass and lots more! Simon, they are yours ;-)

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