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May 13, 2012

Opinions round-up: E-M5, Style, EVFs, Mixed Lights, Direct Approach, Forum Rage, Fake Chuck, etc

Last Sunday we posted the first installment of the Opinions round-up catch-up-a-thon. Today we have part #2, it is a blend of new opinions posted this week and catch-up-a-thon opinions from earlier on! As usual, we break things down by sub-categories, but do keep in mind there is overlap in many cases. If we posted everything as a giant list of links, readability and scanability would suffer greatly.

+ Why I think the Olympus E-M5 is making so many waves by Visual Science Lab
+ Small Camera Syndrome at Sound Image Plus
+ On Electronic Viewfinders by Kirk Tuck at TOP
+ On Camera Menus by Eolake Stobblehouse
+ Working with Mixed Light Sources at Visual Science Lab
+ On Forum Rage by photo lovecat
+ DxoMark sucks by the Fake Chuck Westfall

+ Why I moved to Adobe Premiere CS6 from Final Cut 7 by Philip Bloom

Creativity and Inspiration
+ Defining Style and Finding your Own by Ming Thein
+ The Direct Approach on Street Photography by Robin Wong
+ 7 Habits of Highly Effective Street Photographers by Erik Kim
+ The relationship between talent, creativity and experience by Ming Thein
+ Art is a Popularity Contest, not a Democracy by Ctein at TOP and Featured Comment by Simon Robinson (via APE)
+ Why I Print by Pixelated Image

Education and Learnings
+ Should you do a Photography degree? by Photocritic upon PiXiQ
+ how to get great photos with a tablet top photo studio by Steve Meltzer at Imaging Resource
+ 15-minute video by Dylan Bennett explaining F/Stops (via Petapixel)

Photo Sharing
+ how the flickr overhaul kept me from fleeing by Stephen Shankland at CNet
+ Sorry but Instagram is no holy grail for photosharing at Qlakk

Business & Marketing
+ Learning from Startups can help you run your creative business by Chase Jarvis and panel at South by Southwest
+ The Art of Lasting Impressions by Tofurious
+ The newsonomics of 99c media at Nieman Journalism Lab (via APE)

Shopping and Retail
+ Is Best Buy doomed? by Cringely
+ on buying hard drives at Fstoppers

Do You Write Opinionated Posts or Have Favorite Opiners?
The internet is huge, and we obviously can't keep up and keep track of everyone. If you write opinions on these topics or you have favorite writers on these topics, please let us know so we can include them in future Opinion round-ups! Use the online contact form or leave a comment below or send a tweet on the Twitter.

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