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May 06, 2012

Opinions round-up: Noise, Camera Design, RAW vs JPEG, Copyright, Professional, Instagram, etc

It's been a while, but we managed to climb the snowy hill backwards, in the driving rain, under a scorching blood red sky, and a new edition of the "Opinions Round-up" is here. This is the first wave, we will continue with future Opinion Round-ups until we catch up with the backlog... As usual, please note every opinion is right in at least one of the multiverses (assuming infinite multiverses).

+ professional photography with compact cameras by Ming Thein
+ a critique of contemporary camera design by Richard Sexton at Luminous Landscape (via PhotoXels)
+ should Canon shooters switch to the new Nikons? at G. Dan Mitchell
+ will Apple ever make another camera at CNet
+ the cameras of the future at Quesabesde (computer-translated)
+ making sense of the Canon 1D C for Cinema 4K DSLR from a film industry perspective at EOSHD C
+ to 4K or not to 4K at PDN Online (NAB inspired)
+ zone focusing and shooting hyperfocal at Ming Thein blog
+ Sensors and Beer - via ISW blog, Galbraith

Digital Darkroom
+ Noise Paranoia by Robin Wong
+ RAW vs JPEG at SLR Lounge (via DIYP)
+ on the importance of RAW conversion software in critical photography at Visual Science Lab

+ the future of film at PDN Online

+ Why Instagram is terrible for you and why you should use it by Allen Murabayashi of Photoshelter at Peta Pixel
+ ten most popular photographers on Instagram at PetaPixel
+ ten Instagram alternatives at CNet Australia
+ three ways to escape Hipstergram at Pocket Lint
+ Netscape founder on Instagram as the next great photography disruptor at WSJ (via APE)

Photo Sharing
+ why flickr is a sleeping beauty by Qlakk (former flickr-er)
+ flickr could be a good candidate for Google to buy opines Thomas Hawk

Professional: Creativity, Etc
+ on shooting for two days without flashes at Visual Science Lab
+ the 1GB card challenge at Planet Sharpton (via APE)
+ Borrowing Ideas by Tim Grey (via PixiQ)
+ Christian Patterson on photography at Conscientious Extended (via A Photo Editor)
+ Alex Webb on street photography at Erick Kim Photography
+ Preparation, not panic, gets you the image at Digital Trekker
+ Do you ever get bored? at Robin Wong

Professional: Business
+ you don't own anything anymore at Buzzfeed (via APE, PP)
+ on assignments and camera monkeys and more by Derek Shapton (via APE)

Professional: Self-Marketing
+ should you post the same content on all social media profiles? at Tofurious
+ 15 Wordpress themes for photographers at Canon 5D Tips

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