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May 20, 2012

Opinion Soup: b+w cameras, sensor size, T vs F stops, iPad, flickr, DIY, Craiglist photographer, etc

Time for another Opinions round-up! If you missed any of the previous episodes, be sure to check them out in the Archives. As usual, please keep in mind that reasonable minds can differ - except when they are wrong ;-)

+ Is Leica pissing off its loyal customers with a $8K b+w camera at Imaging Resource
+ the logic of the monochrome camera at Zone 10
+ What's the right size sensor at Sans Mirror
+ Where are your APS-C wide angle lenses Sony? asks Visual Science Lab
+ The Next Camera at Blog Beebe
+ On Camera Bags on Visual Science Bags
+ Best ISO for low light photography at I Shoot Shows
+ the confusion between T-stops and F-stops at Ming Thein
+ 5DMk3 selling like hotcakes while Nikon fanboys attack by The Fake Chuck

Computers and Software
+ iPad made for photographers? at British Journal of iPadography
+ Photographers: You are being replaced by software by Mark Meyer at PetaPixel and opinion/via Chase Jarvis
+ the iPad/iPhone destroy image quality at Diglloyd (free to read)
+ how MacOS X screws your footage at EOS HD

Creativity, Inspiration, Etc
+ outsourcing post-production at Rangefinder Online (via Galbraith)
+ balancing content with technical perfection at Ming Thein
+ favorite sources for new photography part #1 at PDN Online
+ eight ways on how money can buy you happiness in street photography at Erick Kim
+ Art a ponzi scheme? at A Photo Editor (via Duck Rabbit)
+ a big camera won't make you a better photographer at CNet Australia
+ ten tips to stay motivated after missing the "decisive moment" by ten different #togs at Eric Kim

+ On dealing with plagiarized work at All American Blogger (via F/S)
+ market value of stock photos revealed in Shutterstock IPO paperwork at PDN Pulse

+ scanning film negatives with a DSLR at DIY Photography
+ create your own DIY tilt shift adapter using a 3D printer at Instructagbles (via PetaPixel, Verge)

Flickr, Flickr, Flickr
+ How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internets at Gizmodo (via Techmeme)
+ opinion on the above Gizmodo post at Thomas Hawk
+ Film is not dead, it's alive on Flickr at Alpha Tracks

+ Bill the Craiglist Photographer at Photography Ramblings
+ six ways to be an obnoxious photographer at Cameradojo
+ sign you need to take a break from photo-editing: @PopPhoto

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