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May 03, 2012

New Samsung Galaxy III smartphone focuses on photo sharing and social media (camera-wise)

Next to the iPhone, perhaps the Samsung Galaxy is the next most recognizable smartphone out there. And today Samsung has announced the brand new Samsung Galaxy III! With millions of these critters sold per quarter, this is probably one of the most popular and populous "smartphone digital cameras".

Camera-wise, Samsung is focusing more on the photo sharing and social media aspects of the camera part of the smartphone as analyzed in detail at Engadget. The camera and optics appear to be similar to the previous Galaxy Note and Galaxy II per the Engadget post.

A preview along with a 217-second hands-on video at Engadget, which also puts its display under the microscope. A 3-minute hands-on video is out at Phone Dog, and hands-on from the London event at Quesabesde. CNet live-blogged the event.

Detailed coverage of the announcement at the various technology websites and blogs is summarized neatly at Techmeme. Specs in traditional spec-sheet press-release format at Samsung Mobile Press.

Samsung Teaser (and later replay of launch event)
Photography is one of themes in this new 60-second promotional ad created by Samsung. A few hours later (10:30pm London time), in this embed below, you will be able to watch a repeat of the Samsung launch event (via @Blumsday).

With the "smartphone digital cameras" getting more and more popular and in more and more hands every day, it is not a coincidence that the camera manufacturers have run for the "Superzoom hills" and the "Waterproof hills". This year alone (and it's only May), we had 51 new superzoom digital cameras with a zoom ratio of 10x or more announced by the major manufacturers [see Cameras of 2012]. The number of waterproof digital cameras has also increased this year (we do not currently keep a count).

And what a coincidence, smartphones currently do not have zoom (let alone superzoom) lenses and very few consumer-tier models are waterproof/elementproof. Our beloved camera manufacturers may be resisting some of the changes in the world of technology, but their instinct for self-preservation is still alive and kicking!

PS: If you say smartphone with a distinct New England accent, you may perhaps reveal one of the most popular uses of smartphones ;-)

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