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May 12, 2012

New quietly revealed cameras: Casio EX-TR150, QV-R200 (tape delayed: EX-FC200, EX-Z3000)

While some manufacturers are expanding into the digital camera market with new mirrorless systems and designs, Casio has been retreating the last couple of years, trending downwards towards the mid-level and entry-level of P&S cameras.

@aafuss alerted us to a number of Casio P&S digital cameras that have not been officially announced with fanfare, but they are listed as part of the Casio line-up at the Casio International website.

Casio EX-TR150 aka 2nd-generation Tryx
The first generation "Tryx" was the TR-100. The second-generation is the TR-150. It retains its rather unique twisty camera design. Details at Casio International and by this Casio sponsored blog-post campaign with a blogger in Singapore (part #1 and part #2).

The TR-150 along with the QV-R200 were press released in mid-April 2012 by Casio Europe and noticed in early May 2012 at

Casio QV-R200
Announced in mid-April in Europe, and continuing (in name only), the old Casio QV-series naming scheme is the new QV-R200, the definition of a basic P&S digital camera. Details at Casio International and Casio Europe. Notice once again that the zoom ratios are "growing", even this basic camera has a 5X lens, running further away from the 1x of smartphones.

The above two have been retroactively added to the New Cameras of 2012 reference page, under mid-April 2012.

Casio EX-FC200
This one appears to have been press released in October 2011, but I found no reference of it on this blog. The EX-FC200 is the continuation of the EX-FC-series which were one of the first models with the speedy backlit 1/2.x" CMOS sensors. Since then, many more manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon, diminishing the uniqueness of the EX-FC-series. But they do continue to pursue the niche of golf photography swing analysis. Or something like that.

Details at Casio International.

Casio EX-Z3000
This one was announced in May 2011, as you can see at this Photography Blog blog post. More details at Casio International. It has a 16mp sensor, 8x optical zoom, etc, etc.

The 2011 cameras have been retro-actively added to their proper dates in the Cameras of 2011 reference page.

A big thanks to @aafuss for the alerts!

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