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May 01, 2012

Interview with camera designer: Samsung NX1000 (he also did EX1/TL500)

I am sure you often w[o/a]ndered what was in their heads when they designed a camera this or that way. The Samsung Imaging blog gives us some insight on the design of the new Samsung NX1000 consumer-mirrorless camera with a text-based interview with designer Kenji Baba, whose designer credits include the design of the compact Samsung EX1/TL500 (fixed lens compact with RAW) which was one of the more popular Samsung cameras in recent years.

The answer to question #5 is particularly interesting, as the Samsung designer explains that the NX1000 is...

"... focused on sharing images with others to enjoy, not just for taking professional shots with manual settings. That’s why it has a button for Wi-Fi connectivity that other NX cameras don’t have ..."

Perhaps Samsung's extensive experience with consumer electronics, especially their recent success with smartphones is giving them more insight into the mind of the mythical and mystical "average consumer"?

And if you look at the aforementioned quarterly smartphone shipment numbers and contrast them with the annual CIPA numbers (look at the Jan-Dec data in the December PDFs), one can see that both Samsung and Apple are on pace to decidedly produce more "smartphone digital cameras" per year each than all the manufacturers tracked by CIPA combined. Samsung had 42 million "smartphone digital camera" shipments in Q1 and Apple had 35 million. In contrast, the CIPA totals for 2011 were just around 115 million digital cameras, 15.7 million of which are of the interchangeable lens variety.

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