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May 2012 (131 posts)

May 31: In-stock Bundle: Nikon D3200 w/18-55, 55-300, 55-200 DX VR for $1100~
May 31: Cameraholic Digest: D800, D3200, X2, E-M5, K-01, GX1, K30 colors, D20, TG1, etc
May 31: New reviews added to Camera Reviews stream
May 30: Free Getty Images Year In Focus 2011 for the iPad/Books2
May 29: Quick Stock Updates: IN (D3200, D700, 5DMk3) & OUT (E-M5, D4, D800s)
May 29: Impact review: Nanoha 5X macro lens at Megapixel
May 29: Mobile Noise: Samsung Galaxy S III reviews edition
May 29: Daily Deal: Eneloop bundle with reusable case for $40 w/free S&H
May 29: Cameraholic Digest: NEX-FS700, X-Pro1, E-M5, Leicas, 5DMk3, K30, A77, superzooms, etc
May 28: The Connected Camera (baby steps edition): Panasonic FX90 gets its own app
May 27: Recap of recent posts
May 27: Memorial Day Weekend Digital Camera Discounts: D7000, D5100, free 18-70 DT, etc
May 27: Opinion Soup: future of cameras theme, lots of gear talk, thinking books, etc
May 27: (ENDED) Daily Deal: 1-year of Pop Photo mag for $4 (printed by mail)
May 26: Pentax Spain teases June 1st with gift-wrapped box (UPDATE: it is just a Cashback promotion)
May 26: Big Brother confusion: Some camera companies blocking GPS data in China?
May 25: Executive Summary: Stock Updates on Hard to Find Cameras
May 25: Cameraholic Digest: X-Pro1, 5DMk3, G1x, NEX-7, K-01, K-30, X2, D4, D800, etc
May 25: Warning of Serpents: Wifi or become the mice! (market research)
May 25: Readers Flickr Pool looks different today (new flickr features)
May 25: Relive the Google+ Photographers Conference (9+ hours of footage)
May 24: New reviews added to Camera Reviews stream
May 24: Photography jumps on another bandwagon: new Facebook Camera app
May 23: New Lens Announcement: Olympus 75mm f1.8 (M43rds) for $900
May 23: Cameraholic Digest: 5DMk3, X-Pro1, PureView 808, Leica Monochrome, etc
May 23: New mount adapter announcement: Fuji adapter mounts Leica M-lenses on X-bodies
May 23: Mirrorless ISO comparison: GF5 vs GF3 vs NEX-C3 vs V1
May 22: New sensor announcement: 16mp 1/2.3" Omnivision with 4K 60fps video
May 22: Impact review: Canon 5DMk3 at dpreview [updated with reactions]
May 22: Cameraholic Digest: D800, X2, G1x, X-Pro1 demosaicing, etc
May 22: New compact-zoom announcement: Casio EX-ZR300 in Japan
May 22: Nikon D700 floodgates reopen: in-stock for $2200 (or $1980 refurb)
May 22: Rumors: Canon EF 40mm f2.8 pancake under $300
May 22: (ENDED) Daily Deal: 1 year of Outdoor Photographer for $4.44 per year
May 21: More Canon 5DMk3 kits arrive in-stock for $3500
May 21: Samsung responds to Engadget: will not abandon P&S cameras
May 21: New DSLR announcement: Pentax K-30 DSLR is official!
May 21: New P&S camera announcement: Pentax Optio LS465
May 21: Pre-orders: Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 for $1300
May 21: Cameraholic Digest: D3200, GF5, E-M5, G1x, A57, M43 Imatest, D4 vs Bear, etc
May 21: Leakage: Pentax K-30 press release leaks in Turkish [updated]
May 21: LOLcameras: Leica M9 Monochrome review (Palin style)
May 21: Olympus sends Portrait teasers to photography sites
May 21: Impact review: Canon G1x at Imaging Resource
May 21: New Lens Announcement: Pentax 50mm f1.8 DA for $250
May 20: Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 (M43rds) now officially announced [updated]
May 20: Patent watch: Ricoh patents Smart Lens Cap
May 20: Hasselblad drops medium format prices by up to 23%
May 20: Opinion Soup: b+w cameras, sensor size, T vs F stops, iPad, flickr, DIY, Craiglist photographer, etc
May 19: Nikon D3200 in-stock floodgates starting to open up [updated]
May 19: Cameraholic Digest: X2 ISO, D3200, A37, E-M5, D4, A77, NEX-redneck, NXs, X100 disasembled, etc
May 19: (ENDED) Panasonic GF3 w/14mm pancake for $315 (brand new)
May 18: Camera Reviews page updated with new completed reviews
May 18: (ENDED) Daily Deal: Photoshop Elements 10 for $47 (bundle w/Premiere Elements for $80)
May 17: Cameraholic Digest: NEX-F3, A37, D800s, D3200, E-M5, new Leica samples, etc
May 17: Rumors: next Canon D-Rebel T4i/650D with 18mp sensor, 9pt-x AF, touchscreen
May 17: Pentax K-30 DSLR leaking globally!
May 17: Lens Reviews page updated (finally)
May 16: New camera announcement: Sony NEX-F3 mirrorless
May 16: New camera announcement: Sony Alpha A37 pellicle-mirror DSLR
May 16: In-stock and shipping: Nikon 85mm f1.8G for $500 [updated]
May 16: Cameraholic Digest: the new Leicas, E-M5, D800E, D3200, D4, V1, P510, etc
May 16: Ricoh denies their cameras will disappear in 2013
May 15: Impact review: Nikon D4 by Ryan Brenizer
May 15: More Camera Gear In-Stock: 5DMk3, D3200, Nahona 5x macro lenses, Samyang SLR primes, etc
May 15: In-stock: Canon 5DMk3 body (and eligible for Double Savings)
May 15: Cameraholic Digest: D800E vs 645D, 5DMk3, D800s, E-M5, Monochromie, etc
May 15: Fuji announces 0.8x converter lens for the X100 (28mm eq.) [with samples!]
May 14: Olympus E-M5 studio test samples at Imaging Resource (first wave)
May 14: In-stock recap: Pentax 40mm f2.8 XS pancake, 5DMk3 kits, Voigt 17.5/0.95, etc
May 14: Canon planning to automate camera production with robots as early as 2015
May 14: Welcome to the New Bubble: Shutterstock files for IPO
May 14: From the Joan Collins department: Hasselblad celebrates Leica adapter
May 14: Cameraholic Digest: E-M5, XPro1, S2, X2, K-01, D800, GF5, etc
May 13: Opinions round-up: E-M5, Style, EVFs, Mixed Lights, Direct Approach, Forum Rage, Fake Chuck, etc
May 12: New Podcasts: Olympus E-M5, serious mirrorless, Leica Berlin event
May 12: Samsung switching Chinese factory to make mirrorless instead of P&S cameras
May 12: New quietly revealed cameras: Casio EX-TR150, QV-R200 (tape delayed: EX-FC200, EX-Z3000)
May 11: Reading Berlin Tea Leaves: no Leica mirrorless in 2012, M10 at Photokina with HD video
May 11: Cameraholic Digest: Leica Morning After, 1Dx, D3200, XPro1, X10, HX200v, etc
May 11: Crash: Sony and Panasonic shares hit 30 year lows after record losses
May 11: Both Canon 5DMk3 kits in-stock at more places [updated]
May 11: Shipping News: US Post Office to stop shipping items with lithium batteries internationally
May 11: Adobe's Creative Cloud subscriptions go live today
May 11: (ENDED) Olympus E-M5 body (black) gets May 16 in-stock estimate
May 10: In-stock: Canon 5DMk3 (both kits), Nikon D3200 (black)
May 10: More Leica X2 and M Monochrome hands-on and samples
May 10: Leica Big Bang summary: 18mp b+w 35mmFF RF, 16mp X2, V-Lux 40, new lenses
May 10: New Leica M Monochrom: 18mp black & white 35mm full frame RF without color filter array
May 10: New Leica X2 (16mp APS-C) with 36mm f2.8 lens (w/samples & impressions)
May 10: Leica announces five new medium format lenses (and H-series adapter)
May 10: New Leica 50mm f2 M-mount lens for 6000 euro
May 10: New Leica V-Lux 40 is based on Panasonic TZ30/ZS20 travel-zoom
May 9: Cameraholic Digest: D800 filter civil war, 5DMk3, E-M5, D800, HX200v, iPhone 4S, etc
May 9: Pixel-Geeking: wide-angle M43rds lens Imatest results (hosted by E-M5)
May 9: New feature: Digital Camera Line-Ups (serious, advanced, intriguing cameras only)
May 8: Canon 5D Mark III body shipping for $3500 [also 5DMk3 w/24-105L]
May 8: Strange: Nikon V1 kits disappear from Amazon
May 8: Pixel-peep this: 3mp Google Project Glass real-world picture (prototype)
May 8: Impact review: Nikon D800 at dpreview
May 8: Cameraholic Digest: D800 AF test, Q, A77 vs K5 ISO duel, 5DMk3, E-M5, X-Pro1, GH2 vs E-M5, etc
May 8: Canon D-Rebel T3i and T2i eligible for stackable Instant Rebates again (w/70-300, 55-250, 75-300)
May 8: Olympus E-M5 Shooters Report at Imaging Resource
May 8: Market Analysis: USA Q1:2012 by IDC and NPD Group
May 8: (SOLD OUT) Nikon D800 body only shipping for $3000
May 7: New camera announcement: Olympus TG-1 iHS elementproof starts at f2, has converter lenses
May 7: New camera announcement: Fuji XP170 elementproof
May 7: Fuji X-Pro1 studio test samples with beta Adobe Camera RAW at dpreview
May 7: Cameraholic Digest: E-m5, D4, D3200, f0.95 wars, HX200v, etc
May 7: Adobe CS6 now shipping (full and upgrade versions) [cloud next week]
May 6: Leica debates revisited after Shooting with the M9p article at dpreview
May 6: Opinions round-up: Noise, Camera Design, RAW vs JPEG, Copyright, Professional, Instagram, etc
May 6: Forum Discussion: What do you want/expect from Panasonic M43rds?
May 5: Five Good Deals: Tiffen Dfx Essentials for $11, etc [updated]
May 5: Cameraholic Digest: Ikea, D800E vs S2, E-M5, J1, K-01, P510, etc [updated]
May 5: Novoflex unleashes 13 different lens mount adapters for Fuji X-Pro1
May 4: Deal alert: 10% off select P&S cameras (Fuji X10: $540, Canon SX40: $315, etc)
May 3: Cameraholic Digest: D4/D800 lockup, D4, 5DMk3, A77, NX200, E-M5, etc
May 3: New Samsung Galaxy III smartphone focuses on photo sharing and social media (camera-wise)
May 3: Picture #42,000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
May 3: Fuji 60mm f2.4 finally in-stock at multiple retailers (gone: EF-X20 in-stock for $220)
May 3: Cameraholic Digest: E-M5, D4, 5DMk3 Light Leak CSI, K-01, D800E NEFs, etc
May 2: (SOLD OUT) In-stock alert: Canon 5D Mark III body for $3500
May 2: (SOLD OUT) In-stock alert: Olympus E-M5 body (black) for $1000
May 1: Pixel-peeping: Nikon D800E studio test samples (the first wave)
May 1: Pinterest works with Flickr to provide attribution for shared Flickr photos
May 1: Cameraholic Digest: E-M5 madness, D800 vs D800E moireathon, D4, 5DMk3, HS30exr, etc
May 1: DSLRs production beats mirrorless 5 to 1 in Q1 2012 according to CIPA
May 1: Interview with camera designer: Samsung NX1000 (he also did EX1/TL500)
May 1: Fuji film prices going up by 20% on August 1, 2012 says Fuji USA
May 1: (POSTPONED) Are you on Pinterest? Your Favorite Pictures repinned


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