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May 25, 2012

Executive Summary: Stock Updates on Hard to Find Cameras

We updated a number of Stock Status pages. This post is an executive summary of our findings. If you find this messy collection of blogs helpful/useful/entertaining, please make sure you make some of your purchases through the Stock Status pages - especially if you find the Stock Status pages a useful feature. This is a very time consuming feature, so your purchases are what keeps it alive!

Your purchases help support this blog in this fashion: through advertising/affiliate programs of various retailers and affiliate networks, we receive an advertising-fee/commission for purchases made through those specially marked affiliate links. You pay the same prices regardless.

+ Olympus E-M5: preorders only; even worse, a couple of kits at Amazon have switched to longer estimates

+ Nikon D800 and D800E: preorders only
+ Nikon D700: body only in-stock for $2200 at Amazon by Amazon
+ Nikon D4: preorders only
+ Nikon D3s: disappearing slowly
+ Nikon D7000: both kits in-stock at regular prices; supply woes in rear view mirror; no discounts allowed at authorized dealers; Amazon offers three free accessories (SLR backpack, 32GB SDHC C10, remote)
+ Nikon D3200: black kit in-stock for $700 at multiple retailers; red waiting

+ Canon 5DMk3: both kits in-stock at multiple retailers at their regular prices of $3500 and $4300
+ Canon G1x: instock, prices sleepy at authorized dealers
+ Canon S100: around $380 for silver or black (no Raiders edition yet)

+ Fuji X-Pro1: everything in-stock everywhere, no discounts, but open-box options
+ Fuji X100s: both standard and limited in-stock at multiple places, no discounts, but open-box options
+ Fuji X10: instock everywhere for $600 at authorized dealers, used (very good condition) for $373~ by Amazon Warehouse Deals. Don't be swayed by the low price siren song - make sure you understand the risks/trade-offs of buying used (30-day return policy; no warranty; etc)

+ Sony NEX-7: no discounts but free accessories in some cases
+ Sony A77 & A65: no discounts but free accessories in some cases; also, new kit with 18-135mm lens for both A77 and A65 appears (costs $1200 and $1700 respectively; that's +$300 over the body only price)

+ Pentax K-01: this is decidedly the most painful to update, so many kits and colors, and not much happening, only the body only kits are slightly discounted

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