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May 29, 2012

Daily Deal: Eneloop bundle with reusable case for $40 w/free S&H

If you are an Eneloop power user (pun intended!), the super power pack, model SEC-N16SETEVP, had dropped to $40 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself. This is a live price, so you can buy as many kits as you like. Because it is not part of a structured deal, the price can change (or not change) at any time.

This bundle includes:
+ twelve AA rechargeables (2000mah) [up to 1500 recharges]
+ four AAA rechargeables (800mah)
+ four position slow charger (7 hours for 4 AAs, 6 hours for 4 AAAs)
+ reusable carrying case (shown in picture below)
+ two C sleeves
+ two D sleeves

Some of our readers in the past noted that Costco brick and mortar stores may have great Eneloop specials, so if you are a Costco member (or have a Costco near you), you may want to check the next time you visit them. (we don't have remote visibility into Costco stores around the country).

When price-comparing, note that there are newer models with 1500 recharge cycles and older models with 1000 recharge cycles. The 1500 recharge ones usually have a green+blue color scheme on their packages, while the older ones are more blue+white. Sanyo also launched the XX battery with 2500mah, but they sell at a premium compared to the regular Eneloops.

This Amazon special is of interest if you need the AA and AAA batteries. The going price is around $10 per 4-pack of Eneloop (1500x recharges). This kit has 16 batteries, so you are essentially getting the carrying case, the charger and the sleeves for free. You can price-compare to the other Eneloop kits at Amazon. If you are looking for AAs (1500 recharges) only, the 8-pack goes for $20~ and a 16-pack for $39~.

Please also note that Sanyo has multiple "power packs". The above is the Super Power Pack. There is also the Power Pack, model SEC-N10SETEVP, which comes with 8 AA, 2 AAA, charger, C and D sleeves and carrying case, and goes for $35 + S&H at other retailers (B&H Photo, Adorama). Similar price when you factor in shipping, but not as many batteries.

And if you are an Eneloop collector/superfan, there is a limited edition colorful glitter pack for $25 with free S&H at Adorama (8 AA, 2000mah, 1500 recharges, 8 different body colors).

How did a post about a battery special get so long? Somebody please end this filibuster!


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