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May 14, 2012

Canon planning to automate camera production with robots as early as 2015

One of the stereotypes in the Canon vs Nikon wars is that Canon users are more techies and Nikon users are more elitists+purists. That stereotype was fueled today with a story by @YuriKageyma for the Associated Press upon Yahoo that Canon is moving towards complete automation of their camera production. This could happen as early as 2015. Production will remain in Japan, but it will be Mr. Roboto, not Mr. Human! Time to start demanding "Made by Robot" or "Made by Humans" stickers on cameras? :)

It is interesting to see how various websites "imagined" the robots: Engadget went with The Daleks (Doctor Who), while Peta Pixel went with faux robots.

Canon fans, do not despair! Robots don't have to be all blocky and metallic! Maybe your next camera will be made by the lovely Number Six, still a robot :-) [spoiler alert!]

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