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May 11, 2012

Both Canon 5DMk3 kits in-stock at more places [updated]

As of 8:35pm ET, we have just updated again the Canon 5D Mark III stock status page and we have new developments since our previous update:

+ 5DMk3 body only in-stock for $3500 at Cameta and Adorama
+ 5DMk3 w/24-105L in-stock for $4300 at Cameta
+ B&H Photo has sold out since our original post

For more on the camera, check its growing list of completed reviews.

The original post is after the jump for reference purposes...

If you are looking to make a Canon system purchase, the 5DMk3 with 24-105L kit is in-stock at B&H Photo for $4300 and it is eligible for the Canon Double Instant Savings (expire June-2-2012), which include a variety of primes and zooms and flashes, including L-series lenses. Please note, the B&H Photo website does not accept orders between Friday 8pm ET and Saturday 9:30pm ET, so don't sleep on it if you need this kit nao!

Speaking of the 5DMk3, Adorama has alerted us that they have received new 5DMk3 supplies and they are fulfilling all current backorders. Once backorders are fulfilled, they will have limited quantity of 5DMk3s for new buyers. Their website has not been updated yet, but if you are interested or want to monitor the situation, here are their pages for the 5DMk3 body and the 5DMk3 w/24-105L.

For the big 5DMk3 stock situation picture, check the just updated 5DMk3 stock status page.

For more on the camera, check its growing list of completed reviews.

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