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May 14, 2012

Cameraholic Digest: E-M5, XPro1, S2, X2, K-01, D800, GF5, etc

Happy Monday with a new edition of the Cameraholic Digest. Speaking of round-ups, be sure to also check our recent Opinion round-ups.

+ S2 medium format field report by Andy Biggs at Luminous Medium Format
+ more X2 b+w samples at Ming Thein
+ Japanese launch of the new Leicas with hands-on and lots of gear pictures at DC Watch (computer-translated)
+ Monochrom(e) M poll and forum discussion at L-Camera Forum
+ vintage Leica sells for nearly $3 million aka 2.16 million euro - via L-Camera forum blog and Imaging Resource. Many lawyers and dentists are locked up in their offices, crying, wailing, because they couldn't afford it ;-)

+ E-M5 review at Photography Blog [see also other E-M5 reviews]
+ E-M5 on-going action continues at Sound Image Plus (21 parts so far)
+ E-M5 review gallery at DC Resource
+ E-M5 first look by Ken Tanaka at TOP
+ E-M5 video samples round-up at
+ E-M5 availability: check stock status page

+ X-Pro1 review at Photoxels [see also other X-Pro1 reviews]
+ X-Pro1 trip to Kobe with 18mm f2 at Roland Lim
+ HS30-exr opinion at (computer-translated) [see also more HS30-exr reviews]
+ HS25-exr on-going action at Nothing Special (12 parts so far)
+ X-Pro1 availability: check stock status page

+ K-01 reviews by Stratokaster and Paul Giguere at Serious Compacts [see also other K-01 reviews]
+ K5 vs Canon 5DMk3 two-test-scene comparison at Rice High
+ K-01 availability: check stock status page

+ 5DMk3 vs Pentax K-5 two-test-scene comparison at Rice High
+ SX260HS and SX240HS combo review at Camera Labs [see also other SX260hs reviews]
+ 5DMk3 availability: check stock status page

+ D800 first shoot by Revell Photography [see also other D800 reviews]
+ Facebook (aka the new AOL; it even boxes you in like AOL did) contest: Win a Nikon D800 by KEH Camera
+ D800 availability: check stock status page

+ GF5 review at DC Watch (computer-translated) [see also other GF5 review]
+ GF5 short film "Trocadero" (Vimeo) [via]

+ NEX-FS700 slowmo tests at Cinescopophilia

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