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May 15, 2012

Cameraholic Digest: D800E vs 645D, 5DMk3, D800s, E-M5, Monochromie, etc

A new wave of action filled up the internet buffers, so it is time for a new edition of the Cameraholic Digest. We are slightly behind on lens reviews updates, once we catch up, this sentence will be updated!

Nikon D800E vs Pentax 645D
Nick Delvin, who you may know from his Luminous Landscape posts, teamed up with The Camera Store to create this 12-minute YouTube Nikon D800E vs Pentax 645D comparison adventure. (via Luminous). You can also find it embedded right below...

Leica - the Next Generation
+ M Monochrome first impressions and samples at Pop Photeaux - see also gallery view
+ the Berlin event experience at Eric Kim Photography
+ interview with Leica at (computer translated)
+ proposed new hip and trendy name for M-Monochrom(e): Monochromie ;-)

+ D800 and D800E review episode #1 at (computer translated) [new installments coming every 24 hours]
+ D800 vs D4 vs Canon 5DMk3 shootout at Philip Bloom
+ D7000 vs Samsung NX200 vs Sony NEX-3 dynamic range high ISO test at ER Photo Review
+ D4 at SXSW 2012 via Pixfan
+ Coolpix P510 superzoom review at Digital Camera HQ
+ Cooolpix L26 at ephotozine

+ 5DMk3 review completed at Focus Numeriqueax (ordinateur translated)
+ 5DMk3 review at (computer translated)
+ 5DMk3 vs D800 vs D4 shootout at Philip Bloom
+ 5DMk3 narrative film filmed with proper actors and plot by Barry Anderson and Planet 5D (16 minutes long) - also watch full-size on Vimeo
+ Powershot SX150 IS AA-superzoom review at dp-review
+ Elph 520HS review at DCR and Steve's

+ E-M5 action continues at Roving Photography with astrophotography post
+ E-M5 studio test samples at Imaging Resource (previously mentioned in alert)

+ GXR A16, S10 and P10 review at Ricoh GR Diary

+ HS30EXR review at Cameras UK

+ SD1 gets new firmware - via Imaging Resource et al

+ Alpha A57 review at CNet UK
+ Alpha A57 auto-HDR test at Sony Alpha Lab
+ NEX-3 vs Nikon D7000 vs Samsung NX200 dynamic range high ISO test at ER Photo Review
+ Cybershot HX200v superzoom review at Quesabesde (computer translated)
+ Cybershot HX20v at CNet UK

+ NX200 vs Sony NEX-3 vs Nikon D7000 dynamic range high ISO test at ER Photo Review
+ "secret" Test menus uncovered in dpreview Samsung forum (via Sans Mirror)
+ WB150F superzoom at DSLR Magazine (computer translated)

Kodak's secret weapon
+ Kodak had a new-kewl-ar reactor in Rochester reveals The Democrat vs The Chronicle (via Galbraith, Petapixel)

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