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May 19, 2012

Cameraholic Digest: X2 ISO, D3200, A37, E-M5, D4, A77, NEX-redneck, NXs, X100 disasembled, etc

Oh hai! It is a new jam-packed edition of the Cameraholic Digest. If you missed any previous editions, you can check them all out in the aforelinked archives. Time sure does fly, we already have 50+ editions. Lens reviews, as usual, at the Lens Reviews stream... Soundtrack for this edition: Keane/Strangeland...

Wedding Pros - Just Add Water
+ Ask Engadget: best one lens to rent for 24 hours to shoot sister's wedding next month - via @Pop Photo with epic reaction to the whole thing

Leica - the Next Generation
+ X2 JPEG and RAW real world samples at Photography Blog
+ X2 ISO comparison vs Sony NEX-5n at Focus Numerique
+ on the X2 EVF Olympus-Leica connection at Four Thirds User

+ E-M5 review at DC Resource [more E-M5 reviews]
+ E-M5 review at MacWorld and summary by author
+ OM-2n revisited now by Ibraar Hussain at Steve Huff Post
+ on the X2 EVF Olympus-Leica connection at Four Thirds User

+ D3200 review at Neocamera [more D3200 reviews]
+ D4 review at (computer-tranlsated) [more D4 reviews]
+ video shot with the D800, One Camera Two Perspectives by Kristian Bogner and Kirk Neff, promoted by Nikon Canada on YouTube (via forums) [more D800 reviews]

+ Alpha A37 review at CBS CNet
+ Alpha A77 review at DCI [more A77 reviews]
+ NEX-7 Redneck Edition (!) at Luminous Neckscape [more NEX-7 reviews]
+ NEX-5n ISO comparison vs Leica X2 at Focus Numerique
+ Alpha A57 goes to school at Visual Science Lab
+ Cybershot HX200v 1-page review at WDC? [more HX200v reviews]

+ NX1000 first impressions at Digital Camera Info
+ NX210 first impressions at Digital Camera Info

+ K-01 field test gallery at Digital Outback Photo
+ CEO interview at Yahoo Japan (computer-translated) - summarized by Rice High - CEO says brands will co-exist, Ricoh won't disappear like AP UK source told (but then again, the suits always say things like that up until the moment they announce something different, so take that with a grain of salt {if not a whole salt lake})

+ taking the X100 apart by James Maher Photography (via Foto Actualidad)
+ X100 review by Fresco Globe (via @FujiGuys) - with interesting suggestion in "Update" section: an X100 replacement without the anti-aliasing (AA) filter
+ X-Pro1 vs Canon 5D Mark II (Two) ISO comparison at Camera Gear Guide
+ F770-EXR review at (computer-translated) [more F770 reviews]

+ Powershot SX150 IS review at Imaging Resource
+ 5D Mark II (Two) vs Fuji X-Pro1 ISO comparison at Camera Gear Guide

Beyond Cameras
+ Pixma Pro 1 printer 1-page review at PDN Online
+ Camera Awesome app review at F/Stoppers

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