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April 16, 2012

RED announces new 6K Dragon module for EPIC/Scarlett for $6K

Hold on to your modular seats! More action from NAB 2012, RED has announced a brand new Dragon sensor, a 6K sensor with an upgrade price of $6,000 for the EPIC and also the Scarlett. RED offers a modular system, so one can mix and match some components (other things equal of course).

Introduction and mega-thread at the Red User forums (26 pages so far) [via Image Sensors World, Engadget].

RED Nikon mount option coming
In a short video interview with Landmine Media, RED representative said that an aluminum RED-Nikon-mount is coming out for $700 and a titanium for around $2200. The Nikon mount mention begins at the 30-second mark in the video interview.

RED video interviews with Landmine Media
A couple of short interviews with a RED representative at NAB 2012, created by Landmine Media, discuss the 6K Dragon sensor upgrade and the RED lens mount options. You can also find them Vimeo-embedded below...

NAB 2012 - RED Dragon Sensor Upgrade from Landmine Media on Vimeo.

NAB 2012 - RED Lens Mount from Landmine Media on Vimeo.

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