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April 16, 2012

New $3K BlackMagic Cinema camera at NAB with EF mount

The 2012 NAB trade show in Las Vegas is a gift that keeps on giving new video-cinema cameras! Today there is another surprise, a $3000 camera from Blackmagic Design, the Blackmagic Cinema camera with an EF mount. More details and discussion at Philip Bloom's and a detailed hands-on report by director of photography John Brawley who produced the sample videos.

The page at Black Magic Design for this new camera is currently getting hammered and very slow to load (as of the time of writing).

Discussion of the news at the Creative Cow forum that is dedicated to Blackmagic products.

This was the second "surprise" camera of the year, the first one happened at South by South West (SXSW), it was the Digital Bolex.

The camera is now available for pre-order for $3000 at Adorama and B&H Photo. [NEW!]

CSI: Keyboard Typos
There is a point of confusion in the press release that mentions "ZF" lenses, which are Nikon-mount Zeiss manual lenses without electronic luxuries (ZF.2 have some modern era luxuries). The Canon EF/EOS lenses from Zeiss are designated as "ZE". Judging by BlackMagic Design's tweets, this looks like a typo, they probably meant to write "ZE" instead of "ZF". "E" and "F" are diagonally adjacent on most keyboards, so a touch-typist with hands misaligned over the keyboard can easily make this type of a mistake :) [we specialize in typos!]

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