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April 26, 2012

Oops! The Canon G1x Lens module gets the DxoMark treatment [corrected!]

CORRECTION ALERT: Today's DXomark update was the evaluation of the Canon G1x lens. DxoMark had previously published their G1x sensor test results on January 31, 2012 (see our blog-post from then). Thanks to AngryCorgi for pointing it out in the comments!

All apologies for the confusion! It is yet another one of the side-effects of 200+ new digital cameras per year.

If you are still interested in the G1x vs many-other-camera comparisons, you can find today's blog-post intact after the jump...

Original Post
The Canon G1x came out with an unusually large sensor for a fixed lens camera (1.5" in old-school sensor size format speak) and a zoom lens, so it generated some curiosity-interest as to how it performs compared to iLCs and fixed-lens compacts alike.

On the measureables front, a new data set has entered the knowledge base today, the DXoMarK TeSt ReSuLts! As usual, you can compare the results with other cameras that have been previously measured by DxoMark. Here are some pre-filled comparisons to get you started, grouped by camera type for easier perusal.

Canon G1x vs Fixed Lens(e) Cameras
+ G1x vs Fuji X10 vs X100 - vs fixed lens cameras with 2/3" and APS-C sensors
+ G1x vs S100 vs G12 - vs fixed-lens Canon cameras with smaller sensors
+ G1x vs Panasonic LX5 vs Olympus XZ1 - vs fixed-lens smaller sensor rawsumers from others
+ G1x vs Nikon P7100 vs Samsung EX1/TL500 - vs fixed-lens smaller sensor rawsumers from others

Canon G1x vs APS-C DSLRs
+ G1x vs D-Rebel T3i/600D vs T2i/550D - vs the last two D-Rebel leaders
+ G1x vs 60D vs 7D - vs Canon APS-C DSLR leaders
+ G1x vs Nikon D5100 vs D3100 - vs Nikon APS-C in the price neighborhood

Canon G1x vs Mirrorless
+ G1x vs Nikon J1 vs V1 - vs Nikon's Mirrorless Inch (with 1"~ sensor)
+ G1x vs Olympus E-P3 vs E-PL3 - vs latest E-Pens (the E-M5 has not been DXomarked yet)
+ G1x vs Panasonic GX1 vs GH2 - vs Panasonic M43rds
+ G1x vs Sony NEX-7 vs NEX-5n - vs Sony mirrorless
+ G1x vs Samsung NX11 vs NX100 - vs Samsung NX-mirrorless (newer NX models not tested yet)
+ G1x vs Pentax K-01 vs Q - vs Pentax's two mirrorless options

Would have been interesting comparisons (but not available yet)
+ G1x vs Princess Leia X1 (the X1 has not been tested by DxoMark)
+ G1x vs Foveon cameras (none of them are tested by DxoMark)
+ G1x vs Hello Kitty webcam

As usual, please note that DxoMark evaluates the RAW sensor output and it is not intended to be a 360-degree camera or camera system evaluation. For more details on what goes on behind the scenes at DXoMark, check this recent article at C|Net.

For more opinions on the Canon G1x, check its grow(l)ing list of completed reviews (there were two new reviews out today as well!).

Availability-wise, you can check the Canon G1x stock status page, with the camera in-stock at many places, with the lowest prices in the $780+ to $785+ (with extras) range.

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