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March 01, 2012

Canon 5D Mark III is officially announced (updated with samples, flash hands-on, opinions, etc)

After three and a half years, the Canon 5D Mark II is no longer the latest model. The Canon 5D Mark III has been officially announced! Already the 5D Mark III body only is available for pre-order for $3500 at Amazon and Adorama and B&H Photo. Check the brand new 5D Mark III Pre-Orders page for more details.

NEW UPDATES: morning after the Announcement
+ low light studio ISO-range test with pre-production camera at dpreview - see preface
+ full-size JPEG samples and movies at Canon Japan (english) with more "coming soon" - also check the Japanese version in case they have different samples
+ correction: we accidentally posted the Olympus E-M5 ISO color charts in this post [now removed to prevent confusion]
+ hands-on with the new Speedlite 600EX-RT at Pixsylated ("crazy shoot" not included with the flash!) along with 9-minute video on using the 600EX-RT
+ hands-on at CNet Asia
+ hands-on at
+ 10 key points at Quesabesde (computer-translated)
+ 5DMk3 vs 5DMk2 spec-sheet comparison at ephotozine
+ don't forget the DPP software updates says Amateur Photographer UK
+ more press releases: Photoxels, Imaging Insider, Quesabesde, P.Blog, BJoP, Cameratown, dpnow, TWiCe

5DMk3 Opinions round-up (morning after Announcement)
+ opinion on new flash system at
+ opinion with pros/cons at Nice Photography Magazine
+ PinkFloydified opinion: Not Now John at The Digital Story
+ opinion from a video perspective at DSLR News Shooter
+ opinion at Through The Looking Glass
+ opinion by G. Dan Mitchell
+ opinion at Visual Science Lab
+ opinion by David Ziser at Digital Pro Talk

Under the Radar: Canon 600EX flash (without radio)
+ non-radio version of the flash, the Speedlite 600EX (via Lighting Rumours)

5D Mark III hands-on previews
+ 8-page hands-on preview at dpreview
+ hands on by Bob Atkins
+ first impressions at Digital Camera Info
+ hands-on at CNet Australia and camera body pictures
+ preview at Imaging Resource
+ preview at Pop Photo
+ hands-on preview at PDN Pulse
+ preview and video at CNet News
+ preview and video at The Verge
+ hands-on at AOL Gadget
+ first look at Photo Review

+ Vincent Laforet of "Reverie" viral fame opines on the 5DMk3 but no viral videos this time
+ Cinema 5D
+ Philip Bloom

Press Release Parade
+ dpreview
+ Galbraith
+ dc resource
+ Imaging Resource
+ Le Monde de la Photo
+ Steve's Digicams
+ DC Watch Impress (computer translated)
+ Photography Blog
+ Photography Review
+ Kamera & Bild
+ Photoinduced

New 600EX-RT radio controlled flash
+ hands-on with the new flash and transmitter at Pop Photo
+ dpreview
+ Galbraith
+ dc resource
+ Photography Blog

The Other Accessories
+ Canon Europe
+ Le Monde
+ Photo Review
+ Photography Blog

Canon Material
+ CPN Europe with lots of video clips about the camera
+ Canon Europe
+ overview at Canon USA (via @crhee8)
+ Canon celebrates 25 years of EOS
+ Canon USA press release

+ available at the 5D Mark III Pre-Orders page

The Most Recent Canon DSLRs

The "Waiting for the Announcement" part of the post is after the jump for the historians...

Happy Waiting for the Canon 5D Mark III. We will post mini updates as they happen...

+ 5D Mark III thumbnail picture on Canon USA website captured by @mvakleko

+ another false start, Focus Numerique posted but quickly removed the 5D Mark III and 600EX flash press releases [I did not see the content, only the RSS alerts]

+ the page at Canon Asia with more "Coming Soon" has changed, the 5D Mark III information has been removed as of a 11:38pm NYC time check... Before it got removed, it showed the basic specs, and for the unbelievers out there, it is indeed 22.3 megapixels, DIGIC 5+, 61pt AF, 6fps, 63-zone metering, weather resistant construction, 100% OVF (0.71x magnification ratio), 3.2" LCD, dual CF/SD memory card slots... I accidentally closed the window and did not get a screenshot (via @Fox_now)

+ the CanonRumors/PhotoTips 5DMk3 webcast party has been cancelled - too many interested people, not enough Spreecast resources

+ if you need a diversion, there is an interesting on-going discussion on Twitter between @DSLRInformer and @EOSHD on lenses

+ @EOSHD tweet-opines on the 22-megapixels not winning over the dpreview forums crowd, which is going to create an interesting role-reversal in the Canon vs Nikon megapixels forum debates (since the D800 tripled the D700 horsepowerpixels, leapfrogging the Canon horsepowerpixels)

+ how about a colorful spec-sheet comparison between the III and the II by the Mansurovs? (based on the leaked specs)

+ another scan of the french magazine, this one at No Film School talking about the video aspects of the camera

+ some dealers point to a price of $3500 for the body only according to forum users in the Canon Rumors forum (the 5D Mark II opening price was $2700 when it was announced in September 2008; that would make it 30% more expensive)

+ "is Canon repositioning itself?" is the assertion-question in this Fred Miranda forums thread

+ forum action continues at Photography On The Net with 5DMk3 vs 5DMk2 spec comparisons (based on what is leaked so far), and lots more

+ a dpreview forum user has spotted a scan of a French magazine article featuring the Canon 5D Mark III. Crack open Rosetta Stone, time to learn french!

+ need a refresher on the 5D Mark II for the upcoming 5DMk3 vs 5DMk2 comparisons? Check the long list of 5DMk2 reviews in the left sidebar of the 5D Mark II Diary-Blog, the last remaining camera-diary after the New-Camera-Announcement-Flood of 2009+

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