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March 21, 2012

The Trouble Repor(t): Canon G1x leaks light says Imaging Resource

Imaging Resource is busy testing the Canon G1x and they have discovered light-leaks/internal-reflections. Check the detailed Light Leak testing section on their on-going Canon G1x review.

For completed G1x reviews, check its list of reviews. For availability, check its stock status page.

We will have a new "Cameraholic Digest" episode later today, but if you can't wait, completed reviews are posted (as they happen - on a time-permitting basis) at the new dedicated Camera Reviews stream that focuses only on completed reviews and only on photographer-friendly cameras (serious or advanced or unusual or potentially intriguing cameras). The sub-$200 P&S clones and their growing number of friends are not included.

Also, wishy-washy and not-particularly-useful reviews are not included. Having said that, please note we can't find every possible useful review out there, so just because a review is not included, it does not necessarily mean we deem it a wishy-washy review. Websites without a working RSS feed are harder to track these days where we have to track hundreds of cameras (700+ new models since CES 2009) and hundreds of reviewers. If you produce quality and/or consistent reviews that photographers will find helpful and your reviews are not included, please let me know using the online contact form. Here is one rule of thumb: if a camera review is at the Ken Rockwell or Digital Photography School level, it is not particularly helpful to someone trying to evaluate a camera. Another rule of thumb: subtract the specs and the press release from the review and evaluate what remains. Sometimes very little remains.

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