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March 27, 2012

Strategy shift: Sony makes digital imaging one of its three core businesses

With a new CEO and a not-so-pretty balance sheet, Sony has announced a new strategic re-arrangement today. Of interest to photographers is that the company is making digital imaging one of its three core electronics businesses (they even call them pillars in the press release, but it's a press release). The other two pillars are mobile (smartphones and such) and gaming. HDTVs and audio-video are notable by their absence as pillars since they are what is [was] typically associated with Sony. Discussion of this move among the various tech blogs can be found via Techmeme.

It will be interesting to see how this will translate into future products. Sony has already been busy releasing new interchangeable lens cameras left and right, going after the general population and the enthusiasts, but they have been rather quiet on the high-end, with the Alpha A77 {reviews, stock check } and NEX-7 {reviews, stock check} their most advanced cameras since the A900/A850/A700 DSLR-mirror-OVF trio. On the plus side for Sony, Canon and Nikon have not released (m)any must-have non-professional/general-interest DSLRs in the last couple of years (except for the Nikon D7000), so it gives Sony a bigger window of opportunity.

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