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March 30, 2012

Pixel-Geeking: Pentax K-01 evaluated at DxoMark

Time for some pixel-geeking action, not to be confused with pixel-peeping action! Dxomark has published their Pentax K-01 test results (reminder: evaluation of RAW sensor output) along with their discussion of the findings.

DxoMark Comparisons to other cameras
+ K-01 vs K-5 vs Nikon D7000 - vs 16mp APS-C sensor darlings
+ K-01 vs Sony NEX-5n vs Alpha A580 - vs more 16mp APS-Cs
+ K-01 vs Sony Alpha A77 vs NEX-7 - vs 24mp APS-C sensors
+ K-01 vs Q vs 645D - vs Pentax iLC sensor-size extremes (1/2.3" vs MF!)
+ K-01 vs Panasonic GX1 vs Olympus E-P3 - vs M43rds (the E-M5 has not yet been evaluated by Dxomark)
+ K-01 vs Nikon V1 vs J1 - vs Nikon's mirrorless inch
+ K-01 vs Nikon D5100 vs Canon D-Rebel T3i/600D - vs mass-market DSLRs
+ this could go on forever, but we have to stop at some point :)

Reference material
For more on the K-01, check its (currently short) list of completed reviews. For availability updates, check the K-01 stock status page (the body only, and kits with 40mm XS are in-stock).

On Pixel-Geeking
New Term Alert! Since there wasn't an actual word for it, we just created one: Pixel-Geeking is the study and evaluation of other people's pixel-peeping. Pixel-peeping is when you do the pixel-peeping directly (eg evaluate and compare full-size samples, develop & compare RAW, etc).

SideNote as a FootNote
The ugly chunkiness of the K-01 may have a potential benefits when taking photos where "professional" photographers are not allowed - at the discretion of overly anxious and quite possibly clueless security guards and bureaucrats. If you see two people, one holding a yellow K-Chunky and one holding a traditional-looking DSLR, which one of the two is going to be told: "no professional cameras allowed here!". Even if they have the same sensor and can take similar quality pictures...

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