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March 20, 2012

Nikon D4 gets DxoMark'ed, FNed, Fotopolized and F-Stopped

It is nice when the internets become self-organizing networks and similarly-themed updates come out clustered together. With that as a preface, time for a Nikon D4 update starting with the pixel-peepiential paradise that is DxoMark publishing their Nikon D4 RAW sensor test results along with their impressions of the camera. As usual with the Dxo, you can compare the test results to other cameras in their test results database. Here are some pre-filled comparisons to get you started...

+ to see the detailed results, click on the "Measurements" tab right below the "View comparisons for checked cameras" section (Flash required)
+ D4 vs D3s vs D3 - Nikon speed-demon family tree comparison
+ D4 vs D3x (D800 not Dxo-measured yet)
+ D4 vs D700 vs D7000
+ D4 vs Canon 1D Mark IV vs III - vs Canon speed demons
+ D4 vs Canon 5DMk2 vs 1Ds Mk III - vs Canon's more-megapixel full-framers
+ D4 vs Canon 60D vs 7D - vs Canon APS-C
+ D4 vs Sony A850 vs A900 - vs Sony's Alpha full framers
+ D4 vs Leica M9 vs M8 - vs Leica digital rangefinders (wouldn't it be nice for Leica street photographers if you could magically have a sensor transplant?)
+ and many more...

More Nikon D4 action...
Focus Numerique has already published their D4 studio test comparison and they now opine on the DxoMark test results. NOTE: As of 8:36pm NYC time, the FN website appears to be experiencing technical problems. Use Google cache if you can't wait (Chrome semi-automatically points to the cache if it can't get to a website)

Next we fly to where they have published real-world D4 samples in JPEG with some of them also available in RAW (NEF). Click on each picture of interest to get to the full-size JPEG or RAW (NEF).

And we conclude with an F/Stopper opinion on the D4 vs D800 dilemma some may be facing, following up on their D4 vs D3s vs D3 vs D7000 comparison.

In terms of availability, the D4's status has changed to "temporarily out of stock" at Amazon. For the big picture, check the just updated D4 stock status page.

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