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March 09, 2012

Fuji X-Pro1 field report at Quesabesde (also: Luminous & more) [updated]

The closet thing to a Fuji X-Pro1 without actually touching the camera is perhaps the brand new field report of the camera at Quesabesde which you can also read in computer-translatese. It includes full-size real-world JPEG samples, along with an ISO-range set, RAW real-world samples, and plenty of hands-on pictures with the camera body.

UPDATE #1: Nick Delvin at Luminous Landscape has posted part #1 of his review! Thanks to our readers for the alert... And more X-Pro1 action, a hands-on report at Tech Radar...

UPDATE #2: A look at the Viewfinder and Display at SystemKameraForum blog (computer-translated)

UPDATE #3: Brandon Remler has posted an ISO 200 to the Moon sample set on his blog... Apparently today is X-Pro1 day :)

UPDATE #4: A new 45-picture full size flickr gallery with the 60mm f2.4 macro lens by CMHHK on flickr (via SI+)

For more on the camera, check its short list of completed reviews. For availability, check the its pre-orders page.

For completed reviews of advanced/serious/intriguing cameras, check the Camera Reviews stream, which you can use as a review repository by filtering the brands or mounts of interest using the black menu bar at the top of that page (or the Categories/Tags in the right sidebar there)

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