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March 24, 2012

Cameraholic Digest: Full Frame resolution comparison, D4, D800, 5DMk3, K-01, etc

Winter-spring-y weather cancelled your outdoor shooting plans? Fear not! We have a new edition of the Cameraholic Digest to keep you busy! If you missed the previous editions, then be sure to check the Cameraholic archives... In our new experimental format, we are grouping superzoom cameras together in their own section below the brand-centric sections... If you want to check the latest completed reviews and don't want to wait for the latest edition of the "Cameraholic Digest", be sure to also check the completed Camera Reviews stream (we will have a tutorial on how to make the most of it if/when things quiet down)...

Full Frame Wars: D800/D700 vs 5DMk3/5DMk2
+ D800 vs 5DMk3 vs 5DMk2 vs D700 resolution comparison geekery at Lens Rentals
+ D800 vs 5DMk3 vs 5DMk2 ISO comparison at DC Fever (via Ricehigh)

+ D4 review at CNet Australia
+ D4 first impressions at Luminescent Photo
+ D800 review at CNet North America
+ D800 action continues at Ming Thein blog
+ D800 availability updates at D800 pre-orders page

+ 5D Mark Three field report at Engadget III
+ 5D Mark III real-world samples including ISO range set at Photography Blog
+ 5D Mark III first look by NGeo #tog Ira Block (via Picture Stories)
+ G1x vs 7D photo galleries at DP Interface (G1x samples are first, followed by the 7D samples)
+ 5DMK3 availability updates at 5D Mark Three pre-orders page
+ Speedlite 600-EX-RT in-stock for $630 at OneCall and Amazon (via 3rd parties) [IN-STOCK ALERT!]

+ Alpha A77 multi-frame noise-reduction at Visual Noise Science Lab
+ no discounts on the Alpha A77 but you can get a handful of free accessories at the standard prices - see A77/A65 stock status page for details

+ K-01 ISO range of standard test scene in JPEG and RAW at Focus Numerique
+ K-01 studio test samples (first wave) at Imaging Resource (you can use Comparatometorometer to compare to any other cameras in the IR test results database)

+ Canon SX260 HS reviews at CNet North America and DP Interface
+ Nikon Coolpix S9300 at CNet

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