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March 05, 2012

Cameraholic Digest: Fuji X-Pro1, Nikon D4, NEX-7 high ISOs, E-M5 RAW, and more

Time for yet another edition of the "Cameraholic Digest". Yesterday we posted a catch-up-a-thon edition, today we have the Monday Morning Quarterback edition ;-) In this edition, we experiment with a different format, broken down by manufacturer instead of camera-type (the way we do the trade show round-ups). If you have a strong preference on either format, please use the online contact form, opine on Twitter or leave a comment below...

+ 5D Mark III hands-on at Pocket Lint III and WDC?
+ 5D Mark III pre-production sample crops and trade-show-first-impressions by Paul Ward (via Digital Pro Talk)
+ Canon Europe samples, direct links to individual samples via Rice High
+ 5DMk3 vs 5DMk2 video comparison at Mono-logue (via Foto Actualidad, EOS-HD)
+ 5DMk3 and C300 hands-on at ePhotozine
+ Cinema EOS C300: "Why I love the C300" by DSLR News Shooter
+ G1x preview at Camera Labs with nice common sensor-size comparison diagram along with real-world full size samples (see flickr set for full size)
+ G1x vs G12 ISO comparison at Camera Labs (thanks to one of our angry readers for the Camera Labs alerts!)

+ D4 field-test by three professional photographers at Focus Numerique (computer-translated)
+ D4 high-ISO music photography 21-picture gallery (full size JPEGs) at Pop Photo
+ Corey Rich behind the scenes video via F/Stoppers

+ NEX-7 review at Camera Labs (thanks to one of our angry readers for the Camera Labs alerts!)
+ NEX-7 high-ISO lab-test samples at Camera Gear Guide

+ X-Pro1 ISO 6400 to 25600 full-size samples of the same scene by Roland Lim
+ X-Pro1 first impressions with pre-production camera by Holy F/Stop - photographer hired by Fuji Canada to evaluate system (via @FujiGuys)
+ X-S1 full-size JPEG color charts and samples at ephotozine

Pentax + Ricoh
+ GXR A16 24-85mm first impressions at DC Watch (computer translated)

+ E-M5 full-size JPEG and RAW samples at QuesaBesde (computer-translated)
+ XZ1 travelography by Ibraar Hussain at Steve Huff Photo

+ 3D1 3D camera review at Steve's Digicams

+ Merrill hands-on (DP2, SD1) at eFoveonZine
+ 30mm f2.8 NEO full-size real-world sample pictures taken with Panasonic G3 at ePhotozine

+ depth-sensing patent via Image Sensors World

+ Falk Lumo technically opines on the new 41-megapixel 1.2" Nokia 808 PureView camera-phone

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