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March 12, 2012

Cameraholic Digest: D800 NEF ISO range, NX200, XPro1, G1x, E-M5, etc

The opinion-rant streak ends with a new edition of the Cameraholic Digest. If you missed any of the early episodes (they are a good way to stress-test your browser by opening every link in each edition), you can catch them in the Cameraholic archives.

+ D800 crops and full size ISO color charts at (two pages; full-size are on the second page (for each ISO setting, the first image is JPEG, the second is RAW (NEF)))
+ D4 and D800 launch event in Warsaw at Fotopolis

+ NX200 review at Imaging Resource

+ NEX-3 disassembled to pieces at Lens Rentals (via Pop Photeaux)
+ interview with Sony Europe product manager at (in English) talking NEX, SLT, viewfinders, full-frame, and also answering specific technical questions on the Alpha A77
+ NEX-7 six-minute video hands-on at ClipSet (in Spanish; no computer translation of a video stream)

+ E-M5 burst mode test with different cards with a welcome surprise at Four Thirds User
+ MAL-1 macro arm light (aka scifi creature) at CNet Australia

+ X-Pro1 review at ephotoz1n3 and first look at EOS-HD
+ X-Pro1 ergonomics and handling at DSLR Magazine (computer-translation)
+ X10 review at PixiQ

+ G1x review at DC Resource and ephotozine
+ 5D Mark II preferred settings by Vincent Laforet
+ 1D X and 600EX-RT 76-second video demo by Canon Explorer of Light Tyler Stableford on Vimeo (via Foto Actualidad)
+ The Real Chuck Westfall interviewed at Arihazeghi Photography (via Canon Rumors)
+ Amazon posts a 5D Mark Three w/24-105L release estimate of March 31, 2012 (the body only does not have an estimate)

+ previously alerted K-01 review at PentaxForums Blog
+ K-01 30-second video showing focus peaking by Pentax's Ned Bunnell

+ Panasonic ZS20/TZ30 reviewed at CNet UK
+ Canon SX150 IS at CNet Reviews

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