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March 19, 2012

Cameraholic Digest: E-M5, D4, D800, XPro1, 5DMk3, G1x, K-01, etc

And we are back after an impromptu but much needed "internet detox". All apologies for the inconvenience but unfortunately this is a poor Jenny from the Block blog, not 24x7 media empire ;-) And what better way to get started than with a new Cameraholic Digest episode.

+ E-M5 studio test samples at dpreview (you can compare to any other camera in their database; defaults are NEX-5n, Monetasonic G3, Samsung NX200)
+ E-M5 review at (computer-translated)
+ E-M5 photo walk report and bird park report by Robin Wong
+ E-M5 chromatic aberration test at (via Foto Act.)
+ E-M5 7-min video hands-on at Quesabesde (video starts with 1-min Fuji XF ad)
+ E-M5 video interview & hands-on at WDC?

+ D800 20-minute video of photographer Jim Brandenburg sharing his experience after 1-month with the D800 at What Digital Camera?
+ D800 vs Medium Format crops (645D, Aptus II-8) at Focus Numerique along with standard ISO range test scene (JPEG and RAW)
+ D800 real-world JPEG and some RAW samples at Imaging Resource
+ D4 vs D3s vs D3 vs D7000 dude-portrait face-off at Face Stoppers along with real-world high ISOz
+ D4 ISO-range in JPEG and RAW of standard test scene at Focus Numeriqueax
+ D4 ISO color chart crops and full-size (JPEG or NEF) at
+ D4 short review for such a complicated camera at WDC? along with JPEG samples
+ D4 JPEG and RAW samples at ephotozine
+ D4 unboxed at CNet Australia
+ D4, D800/D800E PDF user manuals are available - via Galbraith
+ V1 travelogue in Vietnam part #3 by Colin Steele @ Steve Huff
+ V1 travelogue in Venice by Gary Perlmutter @ Steve Huff

Canon Fixed Lens
+ G1x reviews at Serious Compacts and Kamera & Bild (computer-translated) and (computer-translated)
+ S100 review at Register Hardware
+ SX260HS Disneyland samples at Disney Resource
+ SX150 IS at CNet

Canon DSLRs
+ 5D Mark Three detailed hands-on reports - part #1 and part #2 at Lighting Mods
+ 5D Mark Three ISO video test at Shanghai Expo (via Steven Alvarez)
+ 5D Mark Three video pixel-peeping by DSR 4 Real and EOS HD
+ 5D Mark Three user manual available - via Galbraith
+ 93-year old lens hax0red into a 5D Mark Two body by Today's Tomorrow (via Pop Photo)

+ K-01 review by Steve Huff
+ K-01 on-going samples and commentary at What Blog Is This
+ 645D medium format review at PDN Medium Format along with samples report
+ GXR firmware update brings new features - via Imaging Resource

+ X-Pro1 review at WDC? and Photography Blog and TechRadars
+ on X-Pro1 video mode at EOS HD
+ all three prime lenses reviewed at ePhotozine, see through the Lens Reviews mini-site

Reference Material
+ list of new cameras in 2012
+ 2012 Trade Show Calendar
+ completed lens reviews
+ completed camera reviews (serious/advanced/interesting cameras only)
+ latest Camera Deals, specials, promotions and in-stock alerts
+ dedicated mini-site for Pre-Orders and Stock-Status

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