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February 04, 2012

Weekly Rewind: new Pentax K-01, Ricoh 16mp GXR 24-85, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony compacts, and much more

Yet another week is in the books, and this week was busy with a number of new product announcements, including one interchangeable, one sensor+lens module, new lenses, and many fixed lens digital cameras...

New Camera Announcements
+ Pentax launches K-01 mirrorless camera (with the K-mount) and 40mm f2.8 XS pancake lens
+ Pentax reveals lens roadmap for 2012 and 2013
+ Ricoh officially announced 16mp APS-C GXR 24-85mm sensor+lens module
+ Nikon launches 42x P510 superzoom, P310, S9300 travel-zoom, affordable S30 waterproof and more P&S, while Panasonic launches new TZ/ZS-series and elementproof models and more P&S, while Sony launches first 18mp 1/2.3" sensor cameras and more P&S...
+ see them all at the new camera announcements and Cameras of 2012 page

New Lens Announcements
+ Tokina planning 70-200mm f4 SLR (lens) and also 300mm mirror lens (Micro Four Thirds)
+ more C-mount lens action for smaller-sensor-mirrorless systems from Kowa/Monouri coming at CP+
+ NikonCine Alexa mount in the works by Hot Rod Cameras

Other News
+ Fuji X-Pro 1 and three XF prime lenses now available for pre-order
+ Canon President will step down after annual results are announced
+ Polaroid brand owners licensed name to at least three different companies at CES
+ Fuji sold 100,000 Fuji X100 cameras in 2011
+ latest round of Yahoo layoffs include flickr employees
+ see also: News archives

+ Chasseur had enough with the games PR/marketing play and posted the Nikon D800 specs
+ first Olympus M43rds OM-styled camera leaking left and right
+ Fuji and Terumo and Panasonic and Samsung interested with some type of a deal with Olympus
+ see also: rumor archives

+ Canon G1x gets evaluated by DXOMark
+ we will try to catch up with the latest reviews by Sunday night (other things equal)
+ review round-ups
+ completed reviews of serious/advanced digital cameras
+ completed reviews of lenses

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