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February 12, 2012

Stock Status pages updated (16 cameras updated)

We have just completed a massive update of the stock status pages of most of the cameras at the Stock Status mini-site (including Canon G1x, S100, Fuji X-Pro1, X100, X10, Nikon D4, D800/D800E, D7000, Olympus E-M5, Panasonic GX1, Pentax K-01, Sony NEX-7, A77/A65, etc).

There are three ways to check the latest updates for your camera(s) of interest at the Stock Status mini-site: the black menu bar at the top, the right sidebar (Frequently Updated and Infrequently Updated) sections, and of course the home page of that mini-site.

For each camera, there are two ways to take advantage of the stock status pages:
1) curated updates (check the Latest Update date)
2) DIY updates (click on the camera kits and retailers of interest)

All apologies for falling behind on regular features during the CP+ 2012 Announcement-A-Geddon, unfortunately this is a poor Jenny from the Block blog with limited and finite resources and finite scalability.

PS: As of a 9:39pm EST check, the D7000 body has sold-out and is unorderable... Of time-sensitive interest, the Nikon D7000 body only is in-stock for $1200 at Amazon by Amazon.

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