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February 29, 2012

Panasonic planning camera, smartphone and smart TV interconnectedness was at a Panasonic Europe event where Panasonic teased upcoming developments further interconnecting digital cameras with smartphones and smart TVs. One of the slides shown at promises a future feature: control your camera with a smartphone.

Pure speculation: Nokia fired the first shot in larger-sensor camera-phones. With Panasonic re-entering the smartphone market, and having access to Micro Four Thirds sensors, would they be tempted to jump in with their own larger-sensor camera-phone? As you may recall, during Panasonic's early digital camera years, they went out of their way to develop cameras that got them some critical acclaim (LC5, L1, L10) before going mass-market with M43rds. So if they follow the same pattern, they could perhaps make a larger-sensor smartphone to get everyone's attention. They wouldn't necessarily have to use the whole surface of a M43rds sensor, and they could do this by "recycling" unused sensors that may not be hot enough for new flagship mirrorless cameras but would be fine for camera-phones. Please note this paragraph is pure speculation!

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