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February 09, 2012

Kodak will stop making digital cameras (phase out by June 2012)

As a continuation of the financial troubles at Kodak, we now have news that the company will stop making digital cameras. Details at CNet and a variety of other websites (see via Techmeme). Check the Kodak press release announcing this to the world.

Once upon a time Kodak was leading the charge with professional DSLRs. An inflection point perhaps (at least in terms of perception) was Photokina 2002, where Kodak beat Canon by announcing their 35mm full frame DSLR a day earlier, but the Kodak camera was nowhere near ready for release, and was plagued by a variety of problems that severely damaged the Kodak brand among professional DSLR users. For a history of Kodak DSLRs and backs, see Wackypedia.

Eventually, Kodak pulled out of the DSLR market, and focused on the Easyshare digital cameras. Over time, the number of attempts at serious fixed-lens digital cameras decreased, with the Kodak camera flagship typically being a Z-series superzoom. Kodak was using OEMs to manufacture these, but they always maintained the EasyShare look and feel.

In other Kodak-related news, their sensors business (that was made independent via the private equity route a few weeks ago) has found an official name, TrueSense. Details at Image Sensors World and PMA NL. Among the high-profile cameras using Kodak TrueSense Imaging sensors are the Pentax 645D and Leica.

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